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February 9

Happy New Year! Today is Chinese New Year.  This will be the Year of the Snake.  Here on Koh Chang many of the locals are descended from Chinese sailors who were the first settlers on the island.  As such, there’s plenty of people making offerings to their ancestors today and setting off firecrackers. The Thai contingent here at Baan Rim Nam has about as much Chinese blood in them as I do, but that didn’t stop a feast being laid on first thing this morning  for some adopted ancestors.

Shhhhh! Consider yourself one of the lucky ones who knows.  But don’t tell anyone else.  This will be our secret, just me, you and the locals. OK?



And then there were two.  Last week I took the dog for his evening walk on the beach and spotted another Golden Retriever wandering around on the beach.  It wasn’t a dog I had seen before and she obviously didn’t know where she was or where she was going.  Being friendly she was getting snacks and water given to her by people at a nearby beach bar.  I came back and told Mam and she decided to go and see if she could find the owner anywhere.  The staff at the beach bar told her it had been wandering around all day.  End result was that as it was now getting dark and this dog was just curled up by a table, it ended up coming to stay with us until we could find the owner.  It was thin, but seemingly well cared for.   It’s almost a week later and so now we have to decide if we’re going to keep it or find a home for it elsewhere.  There is someone lined up to take it – a Thai woman who lives on the mainland who has a passion for dogs and land where it could play.   There again, although it’s not very well trained and is a bit mad, it is very friendly, gets on well with Santa and has made itself at home here.  So, tough choice in the coming days . . . .

Feeding time.  I have a page of info about restaurants on the site and some recommended ones.  However, this info hasn’t really been updated in the past year or two and it’s in need of a change.  I know a lot of people check out the places I recommend and more often than not enjoy the food.  So it’s now time the site had a proper restaurant section.  I still haven’t got round to adding any content but have been checking out a few more places.  There’s no point in saying everywhere I eat is great and likewise there’s no point in saying is somewhere is crap.  There’s also no point in pretending to do a real restaurant review and waffle on using ‘foodie’ terms I know nothing about and criteria that I’ll probably forget.  The idea is to have a selection of places, some street food, some cheap lunchtime places, some for an evening meal.  Places that won’t make the grade also include those who allow tomato ketchup anywhere near a Thai dish of any kind as it’s a sure fire indicator that the dish will have been cooked to suit  package tourist tastebuds and as such won’t be worth eating.  Example below.  You don’t want ketchup with your ‘Pat Kapow Moo Sap’.  You might think that you do, but you don’t.  Just say No.


A Day Out.  Not a full day trip, just 3 hours on Koh Wai.  Easy to do on Bangbao Boat for the princely sum of 500 Baht.  Koh Wai is on the schedule of virtually all boat and snorkelling trips to the islands south of Koh Chang.  However, the boats all arrive at the island mid afternoon, and so the small beaches can quickly get very busy.  Taking a half day trip to the island means you avoid this, a you leave the island before the vast majority of fellow tourists arrive.  There’s nothing much to do on the island other than snorkel off the beach and wander along the footpath that runs along the north coast of the island, so if you don’t mind doing  a bit of walking you’ll be able to find a couple of secluded bays with clear water.   More photos of Koh Wai & Info on getting there

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