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August 29

Last update for a while as September is a holiday month.  Our maid will be in charge of ensuring the dogs and Cambodian builders are taken care off and don’t misbehave whilst we head off to see some snow covered peaks.

A rarely visited beach.  This is near the Ao Sapporot ferry pier.  There isn’t any obvious way to get to the beach but it is very easy to do so.  Access is by following the path adjacent to the toilets at the Chinese Shrine by the main road close to the pier.  There was originally a wide track here that led down to the beach, the toilets now blocks half of the track – so vehicles can’t pass but you can go down on a scooter.  It is quite steep though, so some care is needed.  Then you will reach a beach that is deserted except for a large ‘For Sale’ sign.  Locals occasionally go down to fish from the headland at the northern end of the beach but you’re unlikely to find any other people there.

Another nice little beach that most people don’t notice is the one where Amber Sands Beach Resort and The Souk are both located – just south of Centrepoint Ferry pier.  If you aren’t in a hurry then well worth stopping off there for a drink or lunch, as they both have excellent restaurants and enjoying the views.  This photo was taken from the south end of the beach last week. ( Click it for the larger version.)

Dan Kao Beach

A bit of culture.  Not many places have a ‘Museum of old Magazines’ and I’ll wager even fewer have one with an exceptionally large collection of magazines featuring Thailand’s Miss Universe winner from 1965.  Head to Dan Mai village and you’ll find the museum located in the only concrete aircon room of one of the local resident’s houses.  ‘Lung Daeng’ has been collecting old magazines, albums, movie posters, trading cards and photos for 50+ years and is happy to open the room for anyone interested in taking a look at his collection.   He’ll give an enthusiastic guided tour of the room, downside is that it’s in Thai as his English is limited to “Sorry, no speak English”.  This is free.  He also has a small collection of 80+ year old metal cigarette boxes.

Finally closed.  After falling into disrepair over the last couple of years it looks as though The Treehouse on Long Beach has finally closed it’s doors.  It’s in need of so many repairs that it would have to be totally rebuilt in order for anyone to stay there again.  So nowhere to get a cold drink or sit on Long beach itself.  on the hillside above the beach the odd long beach Resort – an ugly concrete block – doesn’t appear to be open and the adjacent Long Beach bungalows are also looking a bit neglected.  May or may not be open next High Season.  Hard to tell.

What’s the weather like?  In truth a fair bit of rain, fortunately most of it is very early morning and the daytime has been pretty sunny. certainly enough to get nice and sunburnt.   I got burnt to a crisp after a few hours riding around on the scooter this week.  This was the scene on Long Beach a couple of days ago.


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