For 2013

August 14

The weather has been a bit hit and miss recently.  Although the sea is pretty calm and so snorkelling and diving is possible and trips go daily. We’ve had  a few days of torrential late night / early morning rain which then peters out by mid morning and within 30 minutes or so the sun comes out and it’s a beautiful afternoon.  Rather than depress you with miserable early morning photos of rain – here are some of  happy visitors relaxing on White Sand beach on a sunny afternoon earlier this week.

If you go down to Kai Bae beach then there’s a good chance you might see two young elephants, from the local elephant camp, frolicking in the sea with their mahouts and curious passers by.  This family were having a great time on the almost deserted beach.  I’m sure it gave the kids a memory to cherish from their time on the island.

Chai chet

A bit of culture for you if you happen to be in Bangkok this month.  Head to the Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre, opposite the MBK shopping mall in the city centre.  It’s pretty much the only large building in the area that isn’t a shopping mall or hotel. There, along with some great little arty cafes and eateries, you’ll find a handful of exhibitions.  Pick of the bunch is the ‘Cross Stitch’ exhibition from some groovy conceptual artists.  Well worth a walk through and, like the other exhibitions, and the wifi, it’s free.

Finally, I’ve always been intrigued by this building.  The abandoned National Park office / visitor centre between Kai Bae and Lonely beach.  I hadn’t been there for a couple of years and so  decided to take a look and see what state it was in now.  At one time there was a paved road leading up to it but this is now overgrown, although it is still easy to follow.  You can tell from the layout of the building that it wasn’t built as a private office, was obviously intended for visitors to be able to go there.   So why didn’t it ever open?

Finally . . .

If all those sunshine photos were making you wish you were here.  This is this morning’s weather outside our house.  Some torrential rain last night and not stopped yet . . . . .

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