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October 19

The rainy season appears to be in it’s last throes. Over the past week there’s been plenty of sunshine, plus the odd downpour and a few scattered showers.   Businesses & resorts are gearing up for High Season and the only thing missing now are visitors.  I had a nosey around a few resorts in the past week and all, except for a couple which had large Thai groups staying ( as it is the school & university holidays at present )  were virtually deserted.

Three of the beach area guides have been updated and all new photos added and the others are on their way.  Today I was in Bailan which is growing rapidly with new resorts opening and major rebuilding going on at Bailan Beach Resort – which was a quiet bungalow resort but which will soon feature a large hotel block and massive two storey restaurant / reception & who know’s what else type of building by the shore.

Kai Bae is getting a bypass – sort of – and construction is well underway.  This is going to be interesting, the original plan for Kai Bae had the road going around the back of the village and then businesses and resorts on the present road would be connected to it by side streets.  Parking areas would also  be provided.  This would have meant the current road could be a walking street for at least the evening.  That idea was scrapped when development started in earnest and the road was never completed.  Now the plan has been renewed.  A wide road is being built but it still isnt clear how it will work.  As the sidestreets are too narrow for trucks to use & there’s no parking area at present.  If someone has thought this through then it will be a great if the road through the northern stretch of Kai Bae beach can be closed and used as a walking street.  It they haven’t then this will be a road to nowhere.

Down in the south of Koh Chang, Klong Kloi beach continues to boom –  a few years ago this beach was still undeveloped, then came a beach bar  . . . and a restaurant . . . and a massage place . . . and a small resort . . . and the rest, as they say, is history.  But it is still a nice place to head for the day and the beach definitely has the best views of any on Koh Chang – south towards the outlying islands.  More on Klong Kloi Beach.

It would be nice to say that the annual vegetarian festival is in full swing here on Koh Chang, but it isn’t. Only a handful of restaurants have bothered to turn themselves into  veggie restaurants for the duration of the 10 Day Festival. Last year the devout Buddhists of Koh Chang, held various events and ceremonies at the Chinese temple in Klong Son, this year there is nothing planned.  The lack of veggie restaurants means that demand isn’t catered for and so the 7-elevens have been running out of vegetarian items.  I’ve been eating veggie food and managed to stick with it so far as coupled with a bit of exercise it’s a good way to lose the inch off my stomach that September’s European beer and pork knuckle binge added on.  Best place for food is the restaurant opposite the turning for Klong Plu waterfall.  A close second is Norng Bua on White Sand beach, opposite the entrance to Banpu Resort.  Some of the dishes are below:

There’s a good new tour available for this coming High Season, Koh Chang’s first cycling tour.  But fear not, this is a day of ‘Slow Cycling’ , a tour by bike of Klong Son valley where participants can get to experience the local side of life on Koh Chang.  Start time is 09:00 and there is no fixed end time – that depends on the group.  Group size is a maximum of 6 people.  Your tour leader will be  a friendly young Thai guy called ‘Chat’ who has found a fun way to combine his tour guiding experience, with his love of cycling. More details here:

Whilst it’s good to see that other people are making websites about Koh Chang.  I was a bit disappointed that one chose to rip off an entire section of this site, the map of all the islands and accompanying photos, without my permission.  (Prior to this I noticed he’d ripped off a rather nice sunset photos I had taken and he apologised, via Twitter, & blamed his webmaster.  But it also looks like the webmaster  / site owner doesn’t appear to know what he is writing about, I was interested to see that he skipped the fact checking when it came to info on some of the  islands.  I particularly liked a section that mentioned dugongs  could be seen around one island.  Sadly not true, there’s another island with the same name in the south of Thailand and when you are cutting and pasting furiously, I guess you don’t have time to read your own content. :-)

There are other sites out there about Koh Chang but if you are going to put your faith in any of them when it comes to planning your holidays, choose one where the content is original – that at least gives you a clue that whoever is running it cares about what they are writing and solely just after your money.

 Finally, still on away from the subject of thieving so & so’s masquerading as trustworthy types, there’s no need for a caption for this banner the local police have felt the need to erect.  Personally I would have used a ‘ ♥ ‘ instead of the word.  That would have been really lovely.



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