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June 3

A belated update as I have been out of action for a while with a bout of Dengue Fever. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve had it, so whilst it isn’t particularly nice, it isn’t something that is life threatening to anyone who is reasonably healthy. It’s something that is prevalent across S.E. Asia and pretty much everyone who has lived in Thailand for a while will have had it. I first got it living in the centre of Bangkok, just off Sathorn Rd, so it isn’t something that is confined to jungle areas or remote villages.

The first signs of it are severe headache and fever and generally feeling like crap and not wanting to eat or drink anything. You have to force yourself to try to eat & drink something even though your body is telling you that you don’t need to. If you don’t, then you’ll end up in a hospital bed on a drip. That continues for a few days. By the time you can have a blood test, to determine if you have it or not, usually 3-4 days after you start feeling rough. The worst is over.

The usual, obvious sign that you have Dengue is that your platelet count will drop very low. Then, just a matter of waiting another 3-4 days and you recover. Although getting strength back takes longer, it can take a month or more to feel 100% again.  And in my case, my taste buds are still way off. Just about everything is either way too sweet or way too salty. On the plus side, once you’ve had it then you’re pretty much immune to getting it again for a year.

Salakphet Seafood

The weather here was great until the last 10 days or so of May, when the rainy season began. There were only a couple of really wet days, the rest followed the typical pattern of heavy rain very late night / early morning and then clearing up late morning and the afternoons and evenings being dry Around this time High Season came to an abrupt halt and, apart from the three long weekend holidays in May when the island was packed with Thai visitors busy Instagramming themselves jumping in the air at sunset on the beach, hotels were pretty much deserted.

Talking of which . . .Top 5 Thai holiday pics, in no particular order

Welcome Drink – best highlighted using a little known technique known as ‘vignetting the ass off it’  to highlight the vivid E- number enhanced coloration of the contents of the glass and accompanying orchid garnish.

Sun Palm Shot. Don’t be tempted to shoot too soon, got to wait until the sun is dull enough that you see it’s shape. Rotate 45 degrees if you’re feeling arty.

The Group Jump.  As old at the Iphone itself. For some reason, the photo will need anointing with the equivalent of ‘Having a great time on Koh Chang’ as though the viewer must think you’re only doing the jump shot at gunpoint as why else would you want to make a twat of yourself in public?

Standing next to a Sign. Any sign, so long at is specific to the location you are visiting i.e you’d only cluster around a Tesco Express sign if it said ‘Tesco Express Koh Chang’  A photo taken looking over Klong Prao beach could be anywhere, a year from now you won’t remember which beach is which. So far better to have a photo of Koh Chang Post Office as a reminder of a visit to Koh Chang.

Nonchalant Selfie.  An art form that Thai girls will spend months perfecting. Taking a self-portrait so you appear blissfully unaware of the photographer’s presence. Reserved for casual moments when your make-up is perfect and you’re reading a book on the balcony or gazing wistfully at the ocean.

BB Divers have a large dive boat for sale.  Ideal for ( obviously ) a dive company or indeed anyone wanting to run snorkelling or tour boat trips  it’s yours for 800,000 Baht as is  – prior to going into dry dock for the rainy season or 1 million after.  Photo of the boat.  For more info contact Kristel at BB Divers.

Coming soon to Bangbao, an exciting new condo development. Just 40 spacious units, virtually all with excellent sea views over Bangbao fishing village and the islands to the south. Competitively priced too. More details in a month or two.

A few photos from a short walk that anyone staying at the northern end of Klong Prao beach can do if they want to get away from the beach and stretch their legs. Some nice views, a bit of jungle and a few local inhabitants too.  The map of the walk and more photos here.

Finally, Trat doesn’t have much going for it as a tourist town. But if you happen to be stuck there overnight then the night market & Food Street in the centre of town are worth a visit. Some photos of he delights on offer. These were taken mid afternoon, before many of the stalls were set up.

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