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February 26

Usually the slideshow at the top of the irregular update is a selection of photos from around the island.   This week, in   a break from tradition, the photos above are all from shops on the pier in Bangbao, and highlight the wide variety of gifts and souvenirs that are on sale in this shopper’s paradise. From fresh coconut oil to good ol’ homestyle shrimp paste – essential for any chef who wants to make their dishes taste just that little bit more of fermented seafood. The perfect foil for over fishy food is of course, Koh Chang wine, so good they named it after the island. Whilst vinyards are scarce that hasn’t stopped enterprising fruit farmers from bottling their own home brew and selling it to connoisseurs.   Let’s not forget gifts for friends from brightly coloured beads, bangles and trinkets to highly amusing skulls with a variety of slogans, such as the one in the photo – the perfect gift for a teenager. And how many times have you said to yourself, “What my mantlepiece is missing is a plastic welcome cat“. Problem solved, as these are on sale here too! Surely something no home should be without. So next time you hear that there isn’t any good shopping on Koh Chang, you can point naysayers to this page to prove them wrong.

Not much time for an update this week as most of the freetime that I have had has been taken up with customers at the guesthouse, pretending to look after babies, doing a bit of kayaking, getting out on the bicycle and dehydrating ( Just discovered that I lose about 3Kg through sweating in a couple of hours cycling.)   Plus, trying to get my head round how to organise my Koh Chang Iphone app which will see the light of day in a few months.

I will write the content and an American software company, that specialises in travel apps, will put it together into something that people like you can then download from Itunes and use whilst on the island.   The idea is that rather than leafing through a guidebook that might be a couple of years out of date and only have limited content, or trying to read pages from a website on the screen of a phone, you will be able to have all the   info you need to find a place to eat, plan a daytrip, find the nearest pharmacy or bank to you etc at your fingertips and with no need to be online.

Obviously this entails a fair bit of work and whilst I know the island pretty well I am open to suggestions for places or businesses to recommend. So if you have any ideas about what should be included feel free to let me know.   All the listings will have photos and contact details so app users can call them easily or go straight to a website for more info if need be.

Work on his will start properly once a) I buy an Iphone as I need that to test the app on and b) my ‘Islands‘ section is completed – this is taking more time than I thought as I haven’t been able to get down to Koh Mak this month – which I had originally planned to do.

For Sale! – years ago I made a site about scuba diving on Koh Chang, despite not diving myself and not being particularly interested in diving. This has never been updated although I got halfway through a new version of the site last year before getting a bit bored with it and moving onto something else.   However, it is still top of the Google rankings and people email me through it. So if any one wants the domain name and site – make me an offer – it doesn’t have to be very high as I realise I won’t be retiring on the proceeds and it is better that someone has it who will use it rather than it just remain a dormant site at the top of the search rankings.   Google for “Koh Chang Scuba Diving” and you will see it is the first result, second on “Koh Chang Diving”, third on “Koh Chang PADI”     . . . don’t all rush at once.

Finally, just uploaded today by some of our recent guests.   A very nice video tour of ‘Baan Rim Nam’. You can find more of their videos from Koh Chang and elsewhere in Thailand on the Graham Family Channel on Youtube


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