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April 9

Koh Chang was the busiest I have seen it for a long time this past weekend.   A perfect storm of Easter holiday plus a 4 day long weekend holiday here in Thailand.   The result was a 4Km traffic jam yesterday afternoon as all the Thai visitors decided to check out of their hotels and head back home simultaneously. One of the Thai newspapers has a few photos of the jams )

There will probably be more of the same next weekend when, after 3 days of work it’s time for another long public holiday – this time for Songkran ( Thai New Year ).   Here on Koh Chang there will be the usual temple fair in Klong Prao plus the usual water throwing for 3 days.   If you want to avoid getting too wet then just stay off the main road between around 10am and 5pm or go to Koh Mak or Koh Kood where it is a much more laid back affair with just a couple of areas where people gather to throw water.     Also, as in any touristy area, the locals and Thai workers are all busy working during the public holiday and so the only people you see throwing water are kids, bar owners and tourists.   If you want to experience the real Songkran celebrations on the island then you need to visit at the end of the month, when ‘Songkran 2’ takes place. The main parade and big water throwing day is on 28 April.   These links should give you an idea what to expect if you are visiting in the next week or two.   Photos from 2010 parade and a video from 2011.

A guy I know through this site has just bought an apartment in Las Vegas. He wanted something suitable to hang in the bathroom to remind him of Koh Chang, so I sent him a sunset photo I took last year. It now hangs in pride of place above a Vegas toilet.   And for those of you who aren’t yet ready to plaster your bathroom with island photos but do want something to get you in the island mode. Here’s a page I put together with a few photos of Koh Chang that are suitable for using as PC or tablet wallpaper

I was having lunch in Kai Bae the other day and a Scandinavian family were trying to order food, a bit of a painstaking process as the orders were changed several times and the waitress wrote, then crossed out, multiple dishes.   She deserved an award for patience as this went on for about 10 minutes.   The highlight being the last dish ordered, which they wanted with beef and so asked the waitress “Where does the beef come from?” she replied in a matter of fact manner   “A cow“.

Koh Chang’s Big Night Out aka ‘Oversong on the Beach’ didn’t quite go as planned as a torrential late night downpour resulted in the main stage being unusable and the headlining acts having to play acoustic sets in a restaurant whilst the audience who stuck it out huddled around trying to stay dry.   A couple of our guests were there and loved it, as is usually the case, the most memorable experiences arise when things don’t quite go to plan and some improvisation is called for.   Altough we went to have a look early on, we didn’t make it for the main bands as we got waylaid with friends from Bangkok in a cocktail bar in Kai Bae when the rain arrived and so staying there undercover seemed a preferable option to standing in the rain elsewhere.   But a good collection of photos, from the concert, not the bar, can be found on this Facebook page.

Still on the subject of Facebook, Just thought I’d mention that you can find the Trat Tourist Association Facebook page at   – which, if nothing else, is a memorable URL.

One thing that you have have discovered if you are planning on visiting this part of Thailand is that whilst there are a few sites covering Koh Chang, and Koh Mak has pretty up to date coverage too, there is very little in the way of up to date & practical info about Koh Kood.   Fortunately, that is about to change, and the good thing is I don’t have to use my domain name, as Thyrsa and her boyfriend, who have been visiting Koh Kood since 2005 and who have spent the past 6 months living on the island   have put together .   It is still a work in progress but it looks good to me, they aren’t trying to copy an existing site ( which makes a change ) and there’s all the info anyone could need about visiting the island including contact details of all the places to stay – large and small, restaurants, transport and maps.


  • I have no problem with ‘Songkran 2’as it’s when the ‘hospitality’ employees get to celebrate. But for the past few years all the cretins that didn’t get their fill the previous week join in and create even more chaos for another few days. Most everyone who lives here has had a gut-full of these assholes who never want the ‘party’ to end.

    Last year I saw some plain-clothes cops beat the living crap out of two morons who shot their vehicle with urine-filled waterguns.
    Score: Cops 2, Eurotrash 0.

    I call THAT a happy ending…

  • Fri 13 is a holiday anyway, but the two substitute days are 16 & 17 as you say. The only water throwing for ‘Songkran 2’ will be on 28th, same as in other years – just one day of mayhem. There will be the usual night market, beer and live music going on at the Klong Prao arena every evening from 22nd onwards.

    Could be worse, you could be in Chiang Mai or Pattaya where things go on for over a week continuously.

  • So…because the “official” Thai New Years occurs on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday 14th & 15th), “substitute” holidays have been designated for Friday (the 13th) and Monday & Tuesday (the 16th & 17th. Am I correct or is this not the case???

    Then…”Songkran 2″ will be held from Sunday (the 22nd) through Saturday (the 28th)??? Does this mean a break from the lunacy will occur for 4-5 days (in between the two “Songkrans)???

    I was recently told by several “officials” that last year’s ‘celebrations’ were so out of control and resulted in so many (unnecessary) accidents & illness that a MAX 5-day period would be strictly enforced this year.

    I shudder to think what TWO SOLID WEEKS (or more) of moronic activity by the idiots this “holiday” attracts will be like…

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