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October 10

Lots of flooding in north and central Thailand but the east of the country, i.e. where we are, has hardly been affected at all.   I have received uite a few emails ever since the floods made the international news from worried visitors hoping that they wont be stranded in metre deep water on Koh Chang.   Fear not, it’s an island.   So even if there are super heavy rains and some flooded roads, the water level doesn’t remain higher than knee deep for longer than a few hours. In fact, the weather has been pretty good here the past week, no real heavy rain, quite a lot of sunshine and the sea is calm.   So no reason to cancel trips to Koh Chang.   A couple of the pics above show what the weather has been like recently.

I’ve been back in Bangkok and then spent a few days cleaning the guesthouse and getting everything ready for the High Season.   So not much time to get out and about and see if anything interesting is happening here.     There seem to be quite a few new shops,bars and restaurants opening up, so sometime before the end of the month I will probably include a few in a ‘What’s New & Exciting‘ post which will feature pictures of some new shops, bars and restaurants most of which will probably have closed or been sold   by this time next year.

a leaf on Koh Chang

Also a few other things will be updated in the next week or two – depending on weather.   Including my Klong Prao Loop Walk which quite a few people have done and survived to tell the tale. So far I have only heard from one couple who managed to get lost as my instructions didn’t include any GPS readings or distances. ( So much for the spirit of adventure. )   But anyway, the ending will be changed to add an option for a late afternoon walk – where you can finish by seeing the sunset from the best unofficial viewpoint in Klong Prao with views over the palm trees to Chai Chet peninsula in the north, the outlying islands and the village.

Some photos of White Sand beach at night below.   And more in this photo gallery. Will have to try to motivate myself to go and take more of other beach areas at night soon and then maybe do a comparison in the High Season.

If you are still looking for good value fan or AC accommodation by the sea for the high Season, Paradise Cottage on Lonely beach has reduced their High Season rates.   An AC bungalow is now just 1,000 Baht/night.   Fan 700 Baht.   Quiet location, 3 mins walk to the bar and restaurant area.   10 mins walk to the sandy part of Lonely Beach.   Book direct with the owner. * Note that from Dec 15 – Jan 15 it is walk in guests only, no advance booking possible.*

One idea I had was to try to find Klong Prao waterfall – which apparently exists but is one of those, like Kai Bae waterfall, that doesn’t appear on any maps or in guide books.   After a bit of exploring I am pretty sure I know where it is hidden but haven’t actually found it yet as it is off the main river – if my educated guess is correct. Some photos from the very scenic and never visited Klong Prao river are below.   Relatively easy walk and I am pretty sure you won’t find any photos of this stretch of river anywhere else online . . . so you are part of history, remember this moment . . . Diana crash, 9-11, birth of first child, photos of Klong Prao river.

Finally, the show unit for the new Island Life condos in Kai Bae is now completed. This is a project from one of Koh Chang’s best known resorts and their longtime British business partner. One bedroom holiday homes by the sea for around 60,000 Euros ( 2.5 Million Baht )   If you want the best views a top floor corner unit it is 3.1 Million THB or more space and a private pool area on the Ground Floor for only 3.7 Million THB.   Shops, bars, restaurants within 3 mins walk.   Freehold ownership foreign buyers on a first come first served basis, up to the maximum 49% freehold quota.     Some more info & pics here.


  • Workers were out yesterday morning trying to figure out how to remove the stump of the big tree, looks like they gave up as it was still there last night. I am sure readers will be thrilled to know Scott’s house is OK – whoever he is.

  • One year has passed since the October 10-11 deluge. The road is still in place–although a bit worse for wear–and the giant tree that collapsed has been removed (not completely though–if you have a large chainsaw you can still cut off a slice for a kitchen table).

    Best of all is the fact that Scott’s house is still standing one year after it was nearly swallowed in the Great Flood…

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