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May 8

Yes, I have been pissing about with photo editing software and, with the benefit of hindsight, did get a bit carried away with the filters.   And I know that the May 8 Update was posted on May 7.   It’s has been raining all day so I finished it off today instead of doing it tomorrow.

The highlight of this week on Koh Chang has been the seven night, ‘Food & Music Festival’ in Klong Prao, sponsored by Singha Beer. However, not to be outdone, rival beer company, Chang, has been sponsoring their own ‘Fruit & Music Festival’ on the opposite side of the island in Dan Mai. This leaves locals with a tough choice, do they go for a nice Pad Thai with their beer and music or should they instead opt for a kilo of Rambutans, fresh from the tree as the accompaniment to a few bevvies and a band or two.

I passed by the Fruit and Music Festival the other day and had a quick look.   It was always going to be quick as I arrived just after the afternoon’s main event, the pig racing, had already ended and all that remained to be photographed were a handful of stalls selling fruit.   But there was a nice lady from a plant nursery and so I did end up leaving with a couple of young Blueberry trees for 40 baht each – so it wasn’t an entirely wasted 10 minute stop.

koh laoya, koh wai, koh rang seen from koh chang

Volker, a   German travel writer and photographer, was kind enough to send me some pictures that he took in the early 1990s on Koh Chang.   Most are of White Sand beach, complete with rickety bamboo huts, and Plaloma Resort which is owned by old friends of his – some of the pioneers of tourism on Koh Chang.   There is even a photo that I am pretty sure was taken close to our house.   More Photos Here

An award for probably the worst ‘Missing Person’ flyer ever?   A bit of background, over   a year ago I and most other people with an email address on Koh Chang, were contacted by a guy looking for the lust of his life whom he met on Koh Chang years ago. He was offering a 50,000 baht reward for info on her whereabouts.   Someone has now plastered flyers with some info and the only photo our stalker , lovesick romeo, has of her.     Not one of the best pics ever to come out of   a phone camera.   But I think it is safe to say she has brown skin and black hair, so that should narrow the search down a bit. Add to this an inability to spell ‘Hotmail’ and an international phone number for interested parties to SMS to claim their reward and I think, it is safe to say, the odds on Puy being found are slimmer than Bin Laden’s were. ( Text blurred by me.)

Down on Long Beach, in the far southeast of Koh Chang, times are a-changing. The popular Zion Bungalows, that provided slightly more upmarket huts than those at Treehouse, has now gone and most bungalows have been demolished.   The land has been leased to new tenants. On the hillside work is progressing quickly on a new hotel.   Hopefully some of the photos I took will make it into an upcoming edition of the German ‘Reise & Preise’ magazine, accompanying an article about the beach. New Long Beach Photos.

Another award, for most misleading definition of the word ‘nearby’: ‘ Centara Chaan Talay Resort and Villas Trat occupies a beachfront location with views across to the resort island of Koh Chang, easily accessible via the nearby ferry or by speedboat.‘   (From one of their press releases this week.) Where ‘nearby’   = over an hour’s drive away. Possibly not what guests are expecting. And I don’t think you can see much of Koh Chang from down there – even Koh Kood is visible only on clear days.

Finally, in this mini awards season. Best architectural design.   It is only May but I think we have a winner already. Behold the grandeur of   ‘Ssawan’. Pool villas and a ship shaped concrete thing plus a round thing, all to be completed by November 2012 if the advertising sign is to be believed.   This is, to date, the most bizarre attempt at a housing development on Koh Chang, there again it is aimed at Koreans, presumably those from the South but given the design I am not 100% sure.   For more information, in Korean, visit

ssawan koh chang

And finally a few photos sent to me by K. Ake from Koh Mak. These show the Bangkok Hospital Group rescue helicopter which visited Koh Mak and Koh Kood recently.   The helicopter will be made available for emergency situations and can airlift people from Koh Mak or Koh Kood to hospitals on the mainland or to Pattaya or Bangkok depending on the treatment required.

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  • Is the 50,000 baht reward still available? If yes, then I have Puy! Or know where she is. Or something like that. She told me her name was Tik but the photo sort of looks like her…

    Anyway, I’ll gladly split the reward $$$ with whoever takes her off my hands. She’s really become a bitch and since the posters didn’t generate much interest I just want to get my $$$ back…


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