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May 23

After I posted the old photos of Koh Chang last update, Walter, an expat in Thailand, was kind enough to send me three pics from 1993 of the Klong Prao estuary, where I live.   I made these into a panorama and then took photos from pretty much the same spot, on the patch of beach rented by Aana Resort.   The result is below.   Main differences, other than the buildings, are the casuarina trees and the amount that the sand bar at the mouth of the estuary has extended into the river.   The huts at the mouth of the estuary haven’t really hanged.   Back then they were ‘PSS Bungalows’ then ‘Thalé Bungalows’ and are now known as ‘The Hut’. You will get a much larger photo if you click on the pic.

klong prao koh chang

A resort you probably haven’t heard of: ‘Koh Chang Karang Bayview

Why you haven’t heard of it? It is located way down at the far southern end of the road on the shores of Salakphet Bay. The paved road stops and access is along a track through a coconut field.
Who stays there? Given the lack of advertising in English and going off their website, Thai groups on 3 day 2 night tours are their market.
Why should you stay there? Ticks all the boxes for a small, family run, out of the way resort by the sea.   Great views towards the mouth of the bay plus a small white sand beach and pier.   Accommodation-wise, there is a choice of wooden fan huts set amongst the coconut trees or concrete AC bungalows.   But you will almost certainly want to hire   a scooter.
Price? Around 600 – 2,500 Baht for a rather nice hut for two or large AC bungalow that can sleep four
Getting There? Could be tricky as there isn’t much in the way of public transport running down this side of the island.   One of the reasons why Thai groups make up the vast majority of guests.
How to book? Outside holiday weekends I am pretty sure you could just roll up and find a room.   But they have a one page website ( in Thai )

How quiet is Koh Chang at the moment? Well, many resorts are pretty much deserted outside weekends when the Thai groups descend.   This was Klong Prao beach a few days ago. If you want a couple of kilometres of sand to yourself then now is a good time to visit.   The weather can’t be guaranteed, there is rain most days but there are also a few hours of strong sunshine too.   ( Click for the bigger panorama photo and play ‘Spot the Tourist’ )

klong prao koh chang

A couple of photos of one of the multitude of mini-crabs that inhabit the beach above.   These ‘Sand Bubbler’ crabs spend their days churning out small balls of sand. This is a by product of them looking for food. They feed by collecting sand and quickly sifting it through their mouth in search of the microscopic food particles that lie between grains. When the sand is stripped of any nutrition, the crab gathers it into a ball and tosses it behind its legs.   Most crabs, like this one, are just   a centimetre or so in size but you do see a few much larger ones that throw out balls the size of marbles. Quiet interesting to watch them making their ball patterns.

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