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June 7

There is a slim chance that you may have noticed a couple of half naked young ladies fondling an elephant above. This is the latest wheeze to get Koh Chang on the tourist map. The new ‘Get Your Tits Out with a Pachyderm‘ package is now being offered by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for visitors to Koh Chang as part of the Amusing Thailand Grand Sale.   Not only do you get 3 days, 2 nights at a hotel of your choice – in the case of the blonde young lady above it was Ramayana Resort, but you also get a compliant elephant and a top European photographer thrown in for free.   But wait, there’s more . . . It’s no fun showing off your surgically enhanced assets in your bikini with an elephant on your own, so to add some authentic ethnic charm to your holiday snaps a topless Thai girl will join in the fun.

Accommodation – Photographer – Elephant – Bored looking   topless Thai chick. Surely there can’t even more than that, can there?

One would have thought not.   Yet there is!   For a limited period, if you happen to have been a contestant in the Miss Czech   Republic beauty competition in your youth and appeared in a bikini on a Czech reality TV show ‘Castaway’ then you too can get your own spread in Czech Playboy, just like lucky Miss Hana MaÅ¡líková did in this June’s edition.

Anyone want to guess which elephant camp pimped out an elephant for the less than culturally acceptable photo shoot? By the way, for anyone thinking that I just trawl through Eastern European Playboy mags in the vain hope of finding something Koh Chang related, I didn’t. I stumbled upon these pics when I accidentally typed ‘Topless Czech B Celebrity Koh Chang Elephant Soft Lesbian Porn‘ into Google, just like, I am sure, many of you do daily.

Back to the future.   Koh Chang’s first motorcycle taxi guys are now operating out of Bangbao. Prices range from 20 Baht to the end of the pier to 120 Baht for the rider to White Sand Beach. But back in the day, the old ‘Skylab’ was the preferred mode of transport. ( Skylab = half motorbike / half tuk-tuk. They were invented in the late 70s in the north of Thailand and took off around the time the US Skylab fell back to earth and so took the name.)   1993 pic from Walter in Bangkok, 2011 motorbike taxi gang from Wim at Diving Scool, Bangbao.

If there are any English teachers out there then Masoud from Iran would like to hear from you.   He visited Koh Chang and loved the island and plans to come back again for an extended stay.   However, he would like to study to improve his English when he is here.   There are no language schools here so ideally would like a private tutor for 3 hours a day 5 days a week. Amount to be negotiated.   He plans to come back before next High Season for 3 months or so.   But he seems like a nice guy and has a poetry blog here: , although you might need to run it through Google translate. His email < > if you are interested.

Something cheap & cheerful . . . .   There is a plot of sea view land for sale just off the main road in the Dan Kao area on the East Coast.   Around 1,200sqm for 1,500,000 Baht. Nice quiet spot for a house with uninterrupted views across to the mainland.   PBT5 title – hence the low price. If you are interested, let me know.

I added a couple of other bits of land for sale during the last week, 34 Rai of gardens & bamboo in a rarely visited valley in South East Koh Chang, only THB 1 Million per Rai. 21 Rai on the Laem Sok peninsula with over 1 Kilometre of shoreline and views of Koh Chang for THB 1.5 Million per Rai and 1 Rai plus 3 Houses by the main road in Klong Prao for 7 Million Baht.

Reader’s Band of the Week.   A new site sub-section featuring bands the readers of this site are in.   This week Mandolin Brothers, Italian guys do country rock in English and with surprisingly good results. Visit for more info & tour dates.

There’s a good new Vietnamese restaurant open now outside Singtong Cash & Carry located by the main road in the no-mans land between Klong Prao & Kai Bae.   There are only three items on the menu – noodles, fresh spring rolls and ‘Nam Neua’ ( not sure what it’s called in English, but you have a plate full of bits of meat plus various bits of vegetable & fruit and you package it all up in a small square of rice paper)   All are worth trying if you fancy a change from Thai food.Not as good as the two Viet restaurants in Trat but far easier to get to.

The ‘Koh Chang Hotels and Resorts Premier Cup’ footie tournament is due to kick off on 13 June and will come to a climax on 30 June when the last team standing is handed a cup of some description. Not sure how 17 days are going to be filled but that’s what they said about the first Olympics and look at it now.   Games to be played at Klong Son school sports field.


  • Bangbao moto taxi guys? Ha! more like a gang of thugs who have enough muscle to grab a piece of territory. Lord help any “independent” honest moto-taxi guy who strays into their ‘hood.

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