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June 21

As the rainy green season is now well underway and rain is falling in ever increasing amounts it is time to consider the question on everyone’s minds “When will the first landslide happen?” Last year there were pretty big landslides in Lonely beach and the south of Koh Chang in mid July.   This was followed by much larger ones in mid October that killed one person and caused rather a lot of damage in the White Sand beach area.

This year it is safe to say that there will be landslides as already there are two areas where big cracks are appearing and it seems odds on that all this debris is going to end up on the beach, a couple of hundred metres lower down at the foot of the hill at some point in the near future.   Not simply due to rain, but more due to the manner that repairs were carried out to the cliff top road after the October landslide.   The road had to be widened as parts of it fell away, this meant cutting into the hillside on the inland side of the road.   Obviously when you cut into a hillside you end up with lots of rock & soil and need to dispose of it somewhere.   In this case dumping it on the opposite side of the road was deemed the easiest & cheapest best   solution.

So now we have a situation where there is rather a lot of unsupported, unpacked, earth sitting on a 45 degree slope . . . and heavy rain is starting to fall.     But fair play to the authorities as counter measures have been put in place in the form of a 30cm high wall of sandbags on both sides of the road.   This should prevent some water from running off, but of course does mean that instead of some water running down the hillside, it will now all run down the road into the busier area of White Sand beach.

If you would like to play ‘Landslide Lottery’ simply email me with the date you think the first landslide will be and which of the two locations. No prizes but the winner gets “I told you so.” bragging rights.   in the event of a tie whoever answers this question correctly will be crowned the winner:

In the event of a landslide, caused by uncompacted, unsupported rocks falling down a hillside, who will be judged responsible?
a) No-one b) The owner of the resort that gets crushed c) One of the officials involved in the original decision making process. * Clue – I wouldn’t pick c) *

Location 1 ( Inching it’s way down towards Rock Sand & Maylamean   )

Location 2 ( Most of this will end up somewhere in White Sand Beach Resort )

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kaibae waterfall koh chang

This Sporting Life. I don’t usually add videos in the updates but I wanted to add one this time. It was from the Koh Chang Games – a very mini Olympics for resorts on the island which is being held now in Klong Son.   During last Sunday’s match between Aiyapura Resort and KC Grande Resort, the Aiyapura keeper was videoed taking out the opposing centre forward with a nice stamp on his chest.   The number 9 was chasing   a ball, the keeper gathered just as   9 slid in.   The keeper jumped out of the way but then decided to bring his foot down hard into the chest of the other guy, who was apparently hospitalised. The video was only on Youtube for a day or so before it was made private by the uploader. I am pretty sure a link must have been doing the rounds on Koh Chang as there were a couple of hundred new views this morning before it was taken offline and some not so complimentary comments from people a the match.   But it was here, see if it makes a comeback.

Khmer Koh Chang. One of the photos at the top of the page shows a mural above the entrance to the viharn at Wat Klong Son Buddhist temple.   Not a super clear photo as it was raining at the time.   There is more to Klong Son than just a temple, there is a 7-eleven too and also, secreted in the valley is ‘Little Angkor’, so-bad-it’s-good-proof that money can’t buy good taste. For some reason it is painted in camouflage colours.   I think the idea was to make it look ancient but it looks like it was spray painted by builders who raided an Army surplus store.   Tacky or tasteful, judge for yourself . . .

Another ‘What wat?’ Some more temple photos for you.   These are of a Koh Chang temple that doesn’t seem to feature much on Google when you search for photos of it. I found a couple of pics but couldn’t find any other photos of this building. So, what wat is this?


  • Dude! The ‘Little Angkor’ pic just shows the ‘staff quarters’. Travel about 100 meters further (if they’ll even open the fortress doors for you–gotta keep the common riffraff out you know) and you’ll see several concrete treehouses that cost about 30 million baht each to build.

    Who says you can’t have money and good taste at the same time? Obviously not on Koh Chang…

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