For 2011

January 3

An idea for something interesting to do in 2011 came to me the other day. It’s stated in many places that the Koh Chang Marine National Park has 52 islands. There are also 52 weeks in a year. So I thought why not add an island a week to the site for a year. Pretty cunning, eh? And just to make it a bit more challenging than simply Googling for photos of ‘Koh Whatever ‘ I decided I’d get to them all by kayak.

First thing required is a list of the islands. No worries, I thought, a quick search and I should have that in a few minutes. But it isn’t as easy as that. The Thai National Parks website doesn’t have a list. Wikipedia doesn’t have a complete list, although there are some listed in their ‘Lists of Thailand’s islands‘ pages. And then I notice that some sites say that there are only 46 islands in the ‘Mu Koh Chang Marine National Park’ and that the National Park themselves don’t really know and just say ‘over 40’ on their site.

The discrepancies arise firstly because originally Koh Mak and its surrounding islands were included in the park, but they aren’t now. In addition the number also included every large rock that is visible at low tide, and to my mind these don’t constitute proper islands.

So, after a fair bit of searching, I’ve got a list of 40 ‘real’ islands to visit.   I’ll add a new ‘National Park Islands’ section in the coming weeks or so and gradually add islands until I tick them all off the list.

I had an afternoon free yesterday so went up to Klong Son to have a look at the bay by kayak.   It’s rather a nice paddle.   The highlights being some small, deserted beaches and some great rock formations, consisting of huge boulders.   I haven’t seen this anywhere else on Koh Chang.

On New Year’s Day we were out around the southeast of the island – away from the crowds. Three photos below and a gallery of photos taken around Salakkok added here.

Impromptu Classified Section. If you’re sitting at home and have suddenly realised that you have a group of 30 people who need to get to a far off island quickly and that they also need feeding, then read on. It’s your lucky day.   Greg has a recently resprayed and re-upholstered, 35ft speed boat with twin Mariner 200HP outboards, toilet and 12 fishing rod holders for sale for 720,000 635,000 Baht and James from Slim Jim’s is now doing spit roast pigs.   If you’re interested in the boat contact Greg < > & for anything pork   related, James < >

Tranquility Bay Residence will be having their New Year Party for friends and owners. ( And if you’re interested in a luxury condo on Koh Chang I’m sure you’d be more than welcome too. )   Unfortunately, I’ll be in Bangkok but I was looking forward to attending as is seems that there is now a volcano in Bangbao.   A welcome addition for visitors.

Also down in Bangbao, for personal reasons Euan from Cliff Cottage needs to sell up and move on.   Bad news for him, but good news for someone interested in taking over a well-established business . This is a   laid back, profitable hut resort by the sea in one of the nicest spots on the island.   Offers of 2,500,000 Baht and it’s yours with a 10 year registered lease.   Listed in guidebooks, great reviews, full accounts available and Work Permit for foreign owner provided.   At this price, you won’t find a better deal on the island.   Photos & Details

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