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January 28

If this site had a Social section then this is the type of thing you would see in it.   The directors and staff from Tranquility Bay Residence, Bangbao, held their annual, slightly late, New Year party for   owners and friends on 9 January.   Photos of rich people eating, drinking and having a good time below:

A ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Koh Chang was held a Hat Yuthanavy on 17 January.   More info and lots of photos here. After the event it transpired that the owner of the land has now said that everyone who attended, including the 20 schoolchildren from Klong Prao school, will be taken to court. This relates to disputes over ownership of the land.   It recently transpired that the beach, where then naval memorial is located, is privately owned.   The owner came up with a title deed that was issued years ago and then sold the land for 250 million baht. The buyer paid a 60 million deposit, the rest due once the memorial had been removed and things sorted out with the Navy – who obviously didn’t realise the land was privately owned when they built their memorial.   The owner’s ‘man on Koh Chang’   was then shopping around trying to find locals willing to pull down the shrine to sailors before the ceremony could take place.   One building was taken down – by tying ropes to it and pulling it with a boat.   But apparently finding someone local willing to rip down a naval memorial is easier said than done.

The upshot was that the potential buyer has now backed out due to the problems   with everyone from the residents, to the Navy, to the local government and the land owner isn’t too happy about losing out on a windfall, so is taking everyone to court for trespassing or something like that.

Had some very nice Thai-style fettuccine at Warapura Resort this week, but if you go there stick to the Thai food.   If you are a masochist you might want to try the Seafood Bruschetta – which is basically toast with ketchup and bits of squid on top.

Also, food related, it is pretty hard to find a nice cake on Koh Chang.   Plenty of small coffeeshops come and go, all promising a range of cakes but usually they are either totally tasteless or are bought from a bakery in Trat which sells OK cakes to numerous cafes and restaurants on the mainland. However, Bantong Cafe, located on the main road not far from the Amari Emerald Cove, make their own cakes and they are rather nice.   It is just a small place so don’t expect a huge selection but they are well worth trying. I have tried a few now and they all have the texture and taste of a real cake.

A quick test to find out if your parents really loved you.   When you were a young adult, did they ever fly you and your friends on holiday by chartered helicopter?   If not, odds are you were a deprived child.   These kids aren’t. They were picked up from the roof of a tower block in Bangkok and flown to Koh Chang where they stayed at the Dusit Princess Resort. The helicopter waited for them and then flew them back a couple of days later. Cost for helicopter charter – if you are interested – is US$2,500 per hour flying time plus US$150 per hour spent waiting to fly you back again.   They were in safe hands though as one pilot is ex-police and the other’s regular job is flying a very prominent member of the Thai royal family.

Finally, a couple of small businesses for sale.   One is a dive company based on White Sand Beach, established in 2004.   Price 1.5 million baht.   The other is a laid back chillout bar in Bailan, a pretty groovy concept and comes with 1600sqm of land which could be used to build bungalows etc.   Price: 1.69 million baht.   Both these businesses come with Thai registered companies and Work Permits for the owners.

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