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January 17

I had hoped to bring you some photos of Thai guys playing with their cocks this update.   But when I went up to Koh Chang’s new cockfighting ring yesterday there was no-one around.   However, if you are interested in satisfying your bloodlust or simply want to learn more about this charming traditional Thai pastime, head up to Cookies Cockfighting Area, next to Cookies Driving Range.   For some reason there is no sign in English, and I haven’t a clue when events are due to take place.   So you might have to ask a few of the locals about when they get their cocks out for a paying audience.   (You could probably also fill a Facebook page or paragraph of your travel blog with lame cock jokes too.)

* Quick update – a couple of our guests were up there this afternoon (17th) and the cockfighting was on.   Free to watch and there were about 50 locals there.   Take some spare banknotes and join in the betting.

Slightly larger and with less feathers . . . Eco Divers are claiming the first whale shark sighting of 2011.   Seen a couple of days ago just off Hin Sam Sao, not far off the West coast of Koh Chang.

More animal related stories, I met a Thai woman who was looking after a rottweiler.   A very nice slobbering, playful dog.   However, the only reason she had it was that a foreigner who used to live on the island had this and a male rottie.   He came to her to offer money if she could have them shot for him as he was leaving and didn’t want to take them with him.   She took the female and suggested he took the male to a temple. But she had no idea what happened to it.

And speaking of arrogant twats with too much money, which resort has their own private garbage dump located several kilometres from the resort, well away from guests? For some reason the regular garbage   collection service isn’t used and their own truck takes everything to the makeshift dump. (See photo in the slideshow at the top of the page.) I can see the slogan now   ‘Keeping the island green . . . by burning and burying waste out of sight.

I was riding over the big hill between White Sand beach and Klong Son and had a thought. ‘What happened to all the spirit houses’   In the past there was an area where people used to leave their old spirit houses by the side of the road. The idea was that spirits who were homeless could use them. A nice thought and it was an interesting sight for visitors to see.   A year or more ago, they suddenly disappeared and the area where they were was cleared as a kind of   small parking area.   My thought was, surely when the parking area was originally made the spirit houses weren’t just bulldozed down the side of the hill. For some reason I presumed there must be some more spiritual way to get rid of them – probably involving a ceremony with monks at an ungodly time of the morning.   So I had a look, and I was right. They are still there, pushed over the edge out of sight & partially buried under landfill.   Expect to see outraged animists on the warpath and irate spirits in the ether.

Koh Chang seems pretty busy right now.   Many resorts appear busier than they were 12 months ago and I’ve had far more inquiries for rooms at our place than I expect to get in early January.   The ongoing relatively bad weather in Samui and Phuket has made some visitors to Thailand re-jig their plans to take in Koh Chang instead.   Plus, now that New Years celebrations are over, and despite poor exchange rates and pricey plane tickets, many people have just had enough of the cold in Europe and want to escape for a couple of weeks. But there are still some good value rooms to be had.   I noticed Privilege Resort on Pearl Beach has bungalows by the sea for 1000   to 1400 Baht per night. And on the main road nearby 750 Baht will get you a room at Ban   Ton Rak , a small tastefully designed roadside resort.   ( For 1500 Baht you get a family room with jacuzzi.)

Salakphet Temple Fair was on from 14-16 January, I missed it as I was too busy spending   quality time   checking out our new lawn area to   see how fast it was growing.   But apparently the fair was   good, more so if you needed to stock up on karaoke VCDs, 25 Watt lightbulbs and mock-Tupperware.

A couple of cheap bits and pieces for sale.   Restaurant and bar in Lonely Beach, just off the main road, busy location and the asking price is now 600,000 Baht.   For the same money you, or a trusted Thai spouse or friend, could be the proud owner of a 562sqm plot of land in Kai Bae valley – 5 mins walk from the village.   Good for a quiet house and other expats living in the area.

If anyone has been offered a knocked off laptop for sale in the past week the owner would like to know about it. One containing a lot of important info, but useless to anyone else, was stolen from a hotel room in Klong Prao a week ago.   Almost certainly taken by staff or friends of staff. at   a small roadside resort. If anyone knows anything email me and I will pass info on to the owner.

You could just lay razor wire and hang a sign outside your front door to convey the message ‘F&%k Off’ to callers, but this homeowner prefers the medieval approach to deterring prying eyes. When I have too much money I want one, but mine will have archers permanently stationed on the roof.

Blatant plug for Buffalo Bills on White Sand Beach.   Had a very enjoyable night there with good food and company. Recommended if you fancy a change from Thai or Seafood and just want a big piece of recognisable meat on your plate with a side dish of potatoes prepared in one of half a dozen different ways.   The huge pork chop for 180 Baht is worth a try.   And I learned a valuable life lesson – don’t let Finns buy you shots or vodka if you want to do anything constructive or productive during the following 24 hours.

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