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December 20

Quite a few photos and not a lot of informative, yet witty, prose in this update as spending a couple of hours a day pretty much every day this month answering emails from people looking for places to stay over New Year has slowly been sapping my will to live creative juices.

A few pics below of Koh Kood. I had a couple of days there in a very nice bungalow at Away Resort.   Thanks to David from X2 Residences, Koh Kood for sending me the info about that.) Also thanks to JC from Koh Kood Resort for some info on places to see on the island etc.   Just back this afternoon, so I will add more Koh Kood info and photos to a separate page in the next few days.   ( 22 Dec – Two pages of photos and some more Koh Kood travel information here )

One our guests was out drinking the other week and got talking to an expat, who shall remain nameless :-) ,   who offered him money if he could take a photo of me for him. Very bizarre. Whilst it is kind of exciting to have my very own stalker, it does show that here are some weird people moving to Koh Chang now with way too much time on their hands.

Been busy with various things during the past couple of weeks.   But had time to show some people around the island and happened upon a couple of local artists who are three months into   ayear long project to paint a mural inside Salakphet temple.   Well worth calling in if you are in the area.   A couple of photos below and more in this Photo Gallery

This might be worth trying if you want to get to Koh Chang quickly.   The original plan was to run speedboats from Laem Ngop to Dan Mai, which in reality was a dumb idea for a number of reasons.   However, the concept has now been vastly improved. 130 Baht will not get you a ticket between Ao Thammachat ( mainland pier)   to Ao Sapporot ( on Koh Chang ) Both are handy for catching public transport.   Crossing time is just 7 minutes.

Schedule: Depart from Koh Chang   at 08.30, 12.00, 14.00, 16.30     And from Ao Thammachat pier on the mainland at 10.00, 13.45,16.00 & 18.30

To book tickets call the aptly named ‘Koh Chang Speedboat’ on: 083-589-5929

If you go down in the woods today on Koh Chang . . . you might find a deserted resort like this one.  It was built quite a while ago and never opened. It is occupied by a few workers now.

Also, took a detour during a trip to Trat to take some pics of Khao Rakham reservoir. That wasn’t the original plan, but as original plans never seem to work out here it is always interesting to see where you end up instead. It’s a lovely, scenic rural location, devoid of any form of tourism.   It would be an ideal spot to sail small dinghies or kayak around or rent bicycles to ride along the dirt tracks that skirt the reservoir.   But you can’t do any of that.   Only 20 minutes drive from the ferry pier to Koh Chang. Find out more about it here.


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