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December 1

The big event of the coming week is the ‘Muay Thai Flood Fight’, which , as the name suggests is some Muay Thai stuff in aid of victims of the recent floods in central Thailand.   There will be various activities, a concert and a chance to meet some of Thailand’s most famous   fighters who learnt their trade in Muay Thai before having success in boxing – Olympic Gold Medalist Somluck Kamsing and former World Champion Khaosai Galaxy, who is rated as one of the best punchers ever by boxing aficionados.   So if you have any questions about how to hit people really really hard, he’s the guy to ask.   Meet them on 3 December on White Sand beach.   Stages and stalls are being set up by the roadside in the centre of the beach.   Things kick off at 4pm.

Here’s a nice little DIY adventure for you.   Fishing village, beaches and monkeys in half a day by kayak. Using Cliff Cottage in Bangbao as the start and end points, I took a paddle around the fishing village, across to Klong Kloi beach then headed east to the deserted Wai Chaek beach before coming back across the mouth of the bay and round the west coast of the peninsula, where you will definitely see monkeys.   You get a new perspective on the fishing village and see parts that you never notice when walking along the pier. Then it is easy to grab lunch or a drink at   a beach restaurant before heading to a more remote beach and rounding off the day with photos of wild monkeys on the cliffs.   A very nice, inexpensive day out.   Info, photos and route map.

white sand beach koh chang

The other day I thought I’d do a quick comparison between White Sand beach and Klong Prao beach.   I don’t often go and wander along White Sand as it is a whole different   world to the one I am used to, living here a few kilometres south. Totally different type of atmosphere and visitor.   Rather than contract White Sand with the beach close to my house which is virtually deserted.   I went for the busier north end of Klong Prao.   But even so, think carefully about the type of place you want to stay as they are very different.   ( The tides are very high at the moment, so not much sand visible. Photos taken within an hour of each other on the same day.) I will leave it to you to figure out which three pics are from White Sand Beach and which three from the north end of Klong Prao beach.

Outside of White sand Beach, Kai Bae is the busiest of the other beach areas, the roadside being lined with small shops, bars and restaurants.   Quite a few new places have openened for this High Season but the vast majority of bars and restaurants looked pretty quiet. Couple of pics here.   More in this Kai Bae at Night gallery.

In the pics at the top of the page you will have seen some very nice handmade amulets.   These are made by a Thai guy ‘Mimi’, you will see them for sale in a few places on the island and he also does a nice range of bracelets/anklets.   His place is on the road to Klong Plu waterfall, on the opposite side of the road to the large Baan Chuvit Russian souvenir shop. Take a look or if you dont see anything you like he will custom make things for you. (He’s also a wedding planner and does traditional Thai style make up and costume hire for weddings or just souvenir photos.)

Koh Mak held it’s cycling weekend recently, not a lot online about it, but you can see some photos on Facebook here

A couple of cheap places to eat that i have been hearing good things about are The Kitchen in Lonely Beach and Nong Down at the south end of Klong Prao village.   Not got round to going to either yet myself.   But by all accounts they make good Thai food the way it should be make and don’t tone it down into a touristy, flavourless mush.

In honour of HM the King’s 84th Birthday, the authorities in Trat province plan to release 19,999,999 baby fish into the sea in order to repopulate the ocean.   Wonder who has the job of counting them?

Every so often I take a photo that I rather like, so I’ll end this update with the sunset from 22 November. Enjoy.

sunset koh chang

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  • was very easy for me to tell which beach was which since the last three times I stayed at White Sands Beach–looking forward to the beach in your neighborhood

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