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August 11

Thanks for the people who have emailed suggesting I get   a real camera rather than just an idiot-proof point and shoot as they want to see some better quality pics than the ones that usually go in the space above. I may do that at some point then I can call myself a photojournalist, for no reason other than it sounds like a pretty cool job title.

There were some very rough seas.   I took a few pics around Chai-chet headland as that is one of the best places to see waves. Couple more below.   This type of weather is pretty rare but the sea is still rough on most days and although I don’t think anyone has drowned in the past week, there have been people pulled out of the sea on White Sand and also Klong Prao beaches when they have got into difficulties.

Not much of interest again on Koh Chang, the weather remains as unpredictable as always at this time of year.   So, enough with the emails asking what the weather is like now as that is no indicator of what it might be like in one or two week’s time.   But despite the lack of bright sunshine visitors are still managing to get sunburnt – as our guests have been proving time and again.

The Marine Resources and research Centre came out with a report that stated around 70-80% of all corals in the Marine National Park are either dead or severely damaged due to coral bleaching. Caused by both global warming and an increase in sediment in the water. So it is just as well all systems are go for the plan to submerge giant elephant sculptures into the sea off Koh Mak – as this will give divers something to look at in the absence of coral. the elephant sculptures will be on display in Trat before they are dropped onto the sea bed.   An artist’s impression of the way they will look when in situ is below.

koh mak underwater elephants

Also on Koh Mak, in October there will be some kind of event to launch the new cycling trails on the island. No real details yet though.   Not to be outdone in the eco-friendly stakes, Kacha Resort got in the newspapers for using wild pigs to eat garbage left by hotel guests, the waste from the pigs is then used to produce bio-gas for use in the hotel kitchen, which is also where the fattened pigs themselves will most likely end up one day.   But it is a very cheap, cost effective way for any restaurant or hotel to boost their Green credentials. Quite a few people have wild pigs as ‘pets’ now.   At the builder’s merchant in Klong Prao there is even a   tip jar’ for their resident porker.

One of the things that is on he way this coming high season is a big increase in the number of Chinese visitors.   Phuket gets around a million Chinese visitors every year, no idea how many Koh Chang gets but until now it has been very few. This appears to be changing, in the past few months I have noticed more Chinese tour groups and the last few times I have been on the ferry recently there has been a Chinese group too – something that I haven’t noticed in the past.   Will be interesting to see how many restaurants have menus in Chinese by this time next year.

Also anyone wanting to rent a holiday home on Koh Chang now has a much wider choice than ever before.   I just added three new homes from 20 – 30,000 Baht per week to the site.   All recently built and in quiet locations away from the unwashed masses. More info about these in the Property section, where you will also find details of a very nice bar & restaurant for sale in Lonely Beach.   The owner has spent a great deal of time and effort making his business stand out from the usual backpacker bars and caters for people who value quality in their music, food & drinks, rather than going for whatever is cheapest.   Health issues for the sale, but definitely a good business for someone with hospitality experience and plenty of room to expand.   Couple of pics below and more info here.

Bet you can’t watch this without getting a migraine. And this is only 3 minutes of one group’s four hour bus trip to Koh Chang.


  • Forget about those suggestions! More important is a man behind the camera, and you certainly are the proof for this statement. Quality of the camera can never compesate lack of talent and having talent (even in combination with an idiot camera) can result with great photos!

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