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April 23

Happy New Year!

Kicking things off with some photos I took of today’s Songkran parade on Koh Chang.   This is the highlight of the two day New Year Celebrations which are held on the island a week or so after the official Songkran holiday.   ‘Songkran 2’ allows   staff from hotels and businesses and locals, who will have been working during the main Songkran festivities to have a couple of days of fun in the sun.   The parade started in White Sand beach and headed down to Klong Prao.   Water throwing continued all day, mainly around the large stage that has been set up by the main road between Ramayana Resort   & Klong Prao Resort.

on the river outside our house

A few more photos taken earlier today.   I will add a page to the Photo Gallery wit more & better pics in the next day or two.

I was on Koh Mak for the real Songkran, 13-15 April.   There water throwing is limited to one stretch of road for a couple of hours on the afternoon of 13 April. Outside those times, you don’t have to worry about being soaked at all.   Bear that in mind if you need an island to escape to during next years festivities.   I added quite a few photos of a couple of islands Koh Kham & Koh Kradat to highlight the difference in these two private islands.   One currently being developed into an exclusive luxury retreat, the other a working island which is home to a couple of thousand deer, a handful of workers and a few kilometres of totally deserted beach.

My feet at sunset

Koh Chang is steadily moving upmarket and there are more luxury rentals coming online, catering to people looking for a bit more privacy and space than the posh resorts can provide.   Here is one of the nicest homes on the island. A three bedroom pool villa smack on the beach.   Brand new, just completed this year and decorated with a mix of modern western furniture and Chinese antiques. Some photos & info.

If you have always wanted to appear in the big screen spin off of a popular German comedy series about life in   a mixed race family then opportunity knocks right here on Koh Chang. ‘Türkisch für Anfänger’ (Turkish For Beginners) is shooting on Koh Kood & Koh Chang. Western extras are needed for the filming on Koh Chang.

On April 29th party scenes will be filmed, at night, for which around sixty young people – ie the type that stay in huts rather than hotels are required. However, on May 2 & 4, people of all shapes and ages are required to play the role of hotel guests – which shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for anyone here on holiday. Your motivation, in addition to the chance of being talent spotted by a German movie director, is 2,000 Baht per day & two free meals.   If you are interested just email Danai at < [email protected] > or give him a call on 083 392 5292 when you are on the island.

Whilst it is great to see Koh Chang getting some exposure on the big screen, it is worth bearing in mind that the island is being used as a substitute for Phuket – the story is set in the Andaman Sea, but it is cheaper & easier to film here than down there.

Yet more photos . . . April & May are the best times for photographing beaches as the daytime tides are low. ( Most of the photos you see on hotel websites will have been taken at this time of year and not in the peak season when daytime tides are far higher.) Anyway, here is a quick walk down Kai Bae Beach – overall I would say, some nice patches of sand on which to sunbathe but too many stones in shallow water to make swimming easy in many places.

Finally, a plug for an interesting holiday read.   Bizarre Thailand by Jim Algie.   This collection of Jim’s articles and essays catalogues weird and wonderful sides of Thai life that rarely merit a mention in any mainstream travel guide. Well worth picking up as it will enlighten you and, as there is no plot of any kind, you can pick it up for a 15 minute read and not be totally confused next time you open it.

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