For 2010

March 29

Job Satisfaction. Give   a man a ‘Tourist Police Volunteer’ reflective jacket and next thing you know there’s a new sheriff in town.

Sea Views. From the roadside White Sand Beach is an unsightly mish-mash of entirely tourist related businesses with no soul and is therefore the most popular beach on the island, but from the sea it does look pretty nice.   Above , in the centre of the photo, is the popular Kacha Resort, a mecca for Scandinavian and Russian visitors and scene of regular verbal tussles over   sunloungers.   A few photos here, lots more in this White Sand Beach photo gallery.

This is a belated update as I’ve been busy and there isn’t a great deal of interest happening here.   Which is the way I like it.     For me   the highlight of the past fortnight was finding a chicken in my kitchen.   Which isn’t that common when you live in a house built on stilts over the water.   And yes, it did lay an egg.

Battle of the Bands.

Koh Chang’s newest Walking Street ( i.e. latest attempt to get visitors to frequent small businesses that aren’t located smack on the main road ) is currently advertising a Songkran Music Competition open to all bands island wide.   Winners go home with a Facebook page full of fairweather fans plus 15,000 Baht in cash money.

Wander down to the ‘Plaza’ opposite Grand View Resort at the southern end of White Sand beach on 14 April if you want to treat your ears.   Bands have to play some English language songs, so expect barely recognisable versions of   ‘Hotel California’ or ‘Winds of Change’   to be blasting out of speakers repeatedly, unless the bands are self-styled bad boys of rock n’ roll, in which case the tune of choice will be ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries, just as it has been for the past 16 years.

Beachfront Land. One of the locals on Koh Mak has a very nice plot, either 4 or 6 Rai for sale. with 40 metres frontage on this undeveloped beach.   Ideal for a quiet, hideaway resort.   More photos and information

The Resort with No Name. It isn’t particularly pleasing to the eye, has a large beachfront pool, is completed, yet there’s no sign by the roadside and you won’t see it advertised. ( Reason being, it belongs to the Thai navy. )


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