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February 5

“Stay Classy Koh Chang!”

Budget Beachfront Beds. The newest resort on Koh Chang will be opening it’s doors in the next couple of months.   Construction has been underway for a month already on the 10 bungalow beachfront resort located in   a prime spot on Klong Prao beach and should be completed shortly.   The resort in question is the ‘new’ Thale Bungalows.   The old resort closed down 18 months ago, and the aging huts were torn down.

The good news for anyone who assumes that all locals just want to trash the island is that the landowner is building new huts in in the same style   i.e. the most basic backpacker huts possible.     So for a couple of hundred baht a night you’ll be able to enjoy peace and quiet in a 5 star location on Klong Prao beach.   If you really want a Lonely Beach on Koh Chang then this is it.

Four Bedroom   Holiday Home on Koh Mak For Rent. The   ‘Pickle House’, with its European style kitchen and decor and sea views   is situated within easy reach of the beach.   It is fully airconditioned and has over 200m ² living area and sits on   800m ² of private garden.   Restaurants, bars & small shops are only a few minutes walk away. From 3,000 Baht/day.  More photos and details

Street Food . . .What to Avoid. Our maid visited the local market yesterday evening and brought me two banana leaf wrapped blobs of gunk that were apparently dessert.   On the left we have ‘nature identical’ green coloured, coconut flavoured sticky rice and on the right something that looks like wall putty but tastes more like wallpaper paste and has the texture of Blu-tack.     Thai food may well be one of the world’s great cuisines but it’s as though the   creators of Royal Thai Cuisine decided to call it a day   after   finalising the recipe for   ‘Tom Yam Goong’ and so, with plans for the first Pavlova consigned to the scrap heap, the evolution of desserts was left in the hands of the masses. And this what they came up with.

Geek stuff.   The delay in having another update was due to my sites being migrated to   a new host by Cyril, the IT guy of choice for discerning businesses on Koh Chang and elsewhere in this part of Thailand.     My sites are now on Dreamhost which is well worth considering if you are looking for good value webhosting.   And if you are, then they’ll even give you   a US$50 discount on the first year of hosting when you sign up if you use the coupon code ‘KohChang‘.

Also in the web world, Martin would like you to click on his new sites:,,,   As you may have guessed they are all in different languages and are all about how great Koh Chang is and how to book hotels here.

I was made for dancing, ah..ah..ah..all night long. Groovers set your alarms for 14 February when Lonely Beach is the site for Koh Chang’s all night music extravaganza party entitled ‘Koh Chang Extravaganza Party‘ There will be two stages, to ensure than no-one staying in the vicinity can sleep until 6am, and guest DJ’s from around the world.   Including Graham Gold, who I vaguely remember seeing at some club DJing in the ‘Madchester’ days of   the late 80s and who is now a resident of Samui and drivetime DJ on trance-tastic ‘Radio One Samui’.   And for long in the tooth   DJs you can’t get much bigger than that in Surat Thani province.   This is just one of the many posters you’ll see cluttering up wall space on the island at present.   Full marks to the organisers for producing hundreds of poster, flyers and banners with only one obvious spelling mistake . . . .   so much better than normal.

For Sale. An easy to run Italian restaurant for sale in Chai Chet.   The owner has to return to Italy to work, so this restaurant is for sale.   All equipment is included, such as pizza oven / dough machine etc.   Off road parking and plenty of space to expand the business.   Long term contract possible and low monthly rent. Only 700,000 Baht.   Lots more photos and information.


  • great reply,
    i just showed a friend the photos i took of the crocodiles when i was last in Kai Bae and she is in histerics.
    always up for a laugh, but i think i’ll give the crocodile run a miss, but at least it would be the topic of conversation on Koh Chang for a few days or weeks.
    see you soon

  • I guess we could pay someone to let one of the crocodiles from KB Hut loose in your honour. Failing that there’s always the pig on the pier in Salakkok. ( It’s very friendly, likes to be petted. )

  • Tim is right,
    i guess that is what attracts us all to Koh Chang time and time again, maybe there will be some excitement when i arrive next week. a Goat running up the main street in Kai Bae would be great, can it be arranged?

  • Hi Ian
    I thought that was why we all wanted to live here, off to Australia next time home for a couple of weeks. Hope to catch up with you when we come down to start the work on the house in Trat.
    Best regards
    Tim & Bo

  • obviously not a great deal going on in Koh Chang over the past two weeks, hopefully the next update will have some news.

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