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August 29

For anyone who has never stayed in a hotel catering to mainly Chinese guests, the choice between   going for the breakfast buffet   or a cold beer instead, isn’t one that requires much deliberation.

A belated update as I was on holiday for a couple of weeks, plus nothing of interest has happened on Koh Chang.   I’ve been adding a few things to the insides of this site, including having different content in the sidebar depending on which section you are looking at and will start the slow process of updating stuff for next High Season later this week.

Although the ‘Ko Chang Grand Sale’ promotion did make it into the news(almost). It got a mention in Thailand Travel Report as being a bit of a failure.   The Koh Chang Entrepreneur Association, having spent their budget already, have no money left to promote it anywhere. But they have got a Thai language website online at, a domain name that was preferred for some reason to the blindingly obvious ‘’ – which is still available.

Anyway, there are limited details of cheap rooms (in Thai language) here.   But you’ll find better offers on the online booking sites or if you’re in Thailand at the regular travel fairs where resorts from all over the country sell rooms cheaply.   Next is at the Queen Sirikit Center, Bangkok from 2-5 September.

Whilst business owners on other islands and tourist destinations can get their act together, form a group to promote their location as a whole this can’t be done on Koh Chang as virtually everyone is out for whatever they can make themselves and very few hoteliers are interested in doing something that might also possibly benefit a rival resort too.

I was in Pai ( east of Chiang Mai ) earlier this month and was amazed to see a small town with, in reality very little of offer other than   having some decent scenery, be so popular. Its entire economy seems to revolve around coffeeshops and sales of artistic t-shirts all somehow related to the ‘Pai in Love’ theme, which itself is the title of a Thai movie filmed in the area.   Koh Chang has got a lot more to offer than Pai, but it doesn’t have any savvy marketers unfortunately.

Anyway to fill space, here are some photos of Pai and surroundings   – that’s Chiang Mai at night. . .

And a few of China . . .

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