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April 25

Same same Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but different.

A bit of a belated update as I decided to wait until after ‘ Songrkan 2’ to update the site, in the optimistic hope that this would provide me with more content – and sure enough it did.   This was the first Songkran from 13-15 April with the usual indiscriminate water throwing and not a lot else . ( More photos here)

Following on from the Songkran festivities, Klong Prao Outdoor Event Centre, was the site of a local fair to amuse the   downtrodden masses.   Not really a lot to hold your attention if you weren’t   from Isaan, but if it kept the workers’ minds away from thoughts of heading to Bangkok to join the revolution, then that’s all that really matters. This is what you missed.

The festival site was then given a makeover – with extra strip lights installed roadside to blind   passing drivers and a second stage added, plus VIP ( i.e. covered) eating and seating areas   in preparation for Songkran 2.

‘Songkran 2’ is two full days of   near heart stopping excitement with everything from loud music to painted elephants to a six aside football tournament for visitors to gawp at. It allows the locals and hotel workers, who were busy catering to the whims of tourists ten days ago, to get in the holiday mood.   And more effort seems to go into this that the real Songkran celebrations.   Yet the outside world is never informed and the event unpublicised to outsiders.   Even on the island you won’t see any posters saying exactly what is happening and when.

The highlight is the parade of floats, this year’s theme was promoting Low Carbon Tourism, presumably to the tourists that had walked here from Bangkok.   The parade slowly made its way from White Sand down the west coast of the island, often going no faster than walking pace as people lined the route to throw Carbon-free water at them.   A few pics below and lots more in the Songkran 2 gallery.

Pony Trekking. Looks like Koh Chang will soon have Horse Riding Club based in Klong Son. Don’t know where exactly as I haven’t been bothered to find out as horses aren’t my thing, but the web site for the venture is under construction at: On the right is quite possibly the best bit of Photoshopping ever done, courtesy of a new Russian language site about Koh Chang which is somehow related to the horse riding venture and used this image to link to it.

They’ll also be a Hippotherapy and Thai pony conservation centre that will ‘offer   free therapeutic horse riding treatment for children and adults with disabilities from all over the world by providing the use of the movement of Thai pony as a treatment strategy in physical, occupational and speech-language therapy sessions for people living with disabilities’.   Good news if it happens.

The site also includes   a plea for visitors to Thailand to ‘avoid consuming pony meat‘.   Can’t argue with that, but can you differentiate between beef, pork and horse when it’s stir fried with chili and garlic and served with a drizzle of Espagnole based zesty sauce?   Next time you are in a Thai restaurant, remember to let the waiter know, in no uncertain terms, that you will be displeased if you find your   Pad Thai contains any traces of pony.

Kai Bae Beach Views. More photos of the resorts on the west coast of Koh Chang taken from the sea, to give you the chance to see what the beach at your resort and the accommodation   and/or wasteland nearby looks like.   The latest two galleries show photos of the North and south of Kai Bae Beach, which feature a different type of accommodation.

The north having two large 2-3 star resorts and two smaller boutique resorts.   The south featuring bungalow resorts owned by local families plus a couple of larger resorts at the far south.   Also just off the south of Kai Bae Beach you’ll find the island where the photo above was taken, you can walk here at low tide from Sea View Resort, seen in the background as the water is no higher than waist deep when this pic was taken.   North Kai Bae Beach Photos and South Kai Bae Beach Photos.

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  • Quite enjoyed reading the “Hippotherapy and Thai Pony centre” bit with “use of the Thai pony movement as treatment strategy”. Have not been to Thailand yet. Would love to visit.

    The 200 year old map of Koh Chang (Elephantine Isle) on your right menu bar is interesting too.

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