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29 October

Something different to start off with. Above is a little guide to activities on Koh Chang that I put together with Coco Dee Bo Tours in Chai Chet. The reason for doing it is that I know quite a few people print out large chunks of this site to bring with them to Koh Chang. However, the site isn’t really designed to be printed, it looks pretty crap on paper and there’s a lot of unnecessary waffling and taking the piss in the text. So whilst it is fine for wasting a few hours at work, as you are probably doing now, when you print pages out to read on the island or whilst on the way here, something more concise would work better.

I had the idea of putting together a quick PDF of the main tours and activities that are available here on the island so readers would have all the info they need at their fingertips when trying to decide how to spend their days. All the prices, times, options available to them without having to leaf through pages of adverts or irrelevant text. Around the same time Colin from Coco Dee Bo started adding daily tips to his website. These consisted of a single paragraph on a specific activity. So I used many of those brief descriptions as a base for the guide.

The PDF will be updated should any important changes occur and can be downloaded from my site or Coco Dee Bo’s. It is 10 pages of A4, the font is pretty large so no squinting is required unless you decide to do your bit to save the planet by printing it out onto five A4 sheets.   (Download it via the link on the left or via the Document Viewer at the top of the page)   I kept the file size small so that it would be quick to download and easy to send as an email attachment.

The vast majority of the trips, tours, activities and transfers mentioned can be booked at any tour agent on the island – and prices are pretty standard. But if you book through Coco Dee Bo then not only will it be a nice way to thank them for helping out with the content but you’ll also be able to save money by using the ‘15% Off’ discount coupon when booking your tours.

Koh Chang’s First Mid Price Apartment Development Launched.

If you are looking for a luxurious, romantic, serene hideaway then this isn’t for you – you’ll be better off at the Tranquility Bay Residence with it’s private beach, luxurious condos and cracking views. But for many people a good value, one bedroom apartment a stone’s throw from the busiest beach on the island is just what they are looking for in a holiday home. All the shops, restaurants and bars you need within a few minutes walk and when you aren’t using the apartment then you know it will be easy to rent out to holidaymakers and longstay visitors. So from an investment point of view the combination of location and low selling price of this new development   are the best you will find on the island.

Avatara Residence will be located at the southern of White Sand Beach – approx 5 minutes walk from the main beach area. It will consist of two four storey apartment blocks with 57 apartments in each. Both blocks will feature rooftop swimming pools. The vast majority are one bedroom units and are very reasonably priced from 1.85 to 2.65 Million Baht with a 90 year lease. The developer is an experienced Scandinavian company that has completed nine large scale housing projects in the east of Thailand and has several others currently under construction. They pride themselves on offering value for money, well designed, livable homes and apartments. More Details.

The Fastest, Cheapest, Most Direct Way to Get From Bangkok Airport to Koh Chang is . . .

The new shared minibus service which will start next month. This shared minibus service is going to be a very popular one. The ‘Lonely Beach Express’ uses brand new Toyota vans and will take passengers direct from the Bangkok airport terminal right to the car park of Siam Beach Resort, Lonely Beach, without any stops or detours – besides stopping for gasoline and a toilet break on the way.

Buy tickets at the booth by Door 8 on the ground floor of Bangkok airport terminal. At present there’s no website or online booking available, so tickets are on a first come first served basis.

Departures from Bangkok Airport are at 10:30, 14:00 & 00:00. From Siam Beach Resort vans return to BKK at 07:30 & 15:30

And so you’re probably wondering what the price for this service is . . . 308 Baht/person. And this includes the ferry ticket to Koh Chang. There is one catch, the vans can’t and won’t stop anywhere on Koh Chang other than Siam Beach Resort. So if you aren’t staying at Siam Beach you’ll have to take a pick up truck taxi to your resort once you are on Koh Chang.

Bargain Resort. This profitable small resort on 5 Rai of land by the sea with sunset and sunrise views, 22 Bungalows and a registered lease that runs until Oct 2019. One of the few small resorts with detailed accounts and run through a Thai registered company with a Work Permit provided for the owner. Asking price is only 4,000,000 Baht as the owner would like to sell asap. More Details.

Saturday Night Fever

Last week, I added a video taken in WE Bar on Lonely Beach.   After doing this, Anders, the owner ,emailed me, and I went down to meet him yesterday and to see the bar. Before heading down there I thought he was probably just another guy running a bar and selling buckets of cheap alcohol to the masses whilst some Thai bloke in dreads played his collection of   MP3s through   tinny speakers.   But it turns out that I was wrong and something far more impressive is going on.

The vast majority of bars in Lonely Beach focus on one thing – price.   Thinking that the only way to attract custom is to pile it high and sell it cheap. However, the WE Bar is all about quality, from the sound system to the DJs to the drinks on offer.   The sound system is one of the best on the island.   The cocktails are made the same way and with the same top shelf alcohol as they would be in any good bar in Europe.   Then there’s the DJs. To provide the best on offer, he has teamed up with the Siam Sound System, a collective of   Western and Thai DJs who base themselves on Lonely Beach during the High Season.   These are led by Lindo Martinez, a Dutchman who has played Europe, Russia, South America, and South East Asia and who has been releasing music on major dance labels for over a decade.   Needless to say you wont find a group of backpackers sharing a bucket of fake Sangsom and coke in WE Bar but you will find the company of like-minded souls who love to party and want the best grooves, drinks and atmosphere.   Stick it on your list of places to party at, whilst on the island.

Anyone into dance music might want to make a note that the next Siam Sound System party will be Halloween – 31 October – at Siam Bar in Siam Hut. Then sometime in mid-late November, DJ Lindz from the Ministry of Sound in London will be playing in Lonely Beach.   And finally, 11 December, is a night worth keeping free as there’s going to be   a big event on the beach   that you wont want to miss.


  • Hmmm . .Hopefully the guy who had his hand chopped up will post a comment too.

    (It would have been far easier for the woman to just say she hadn’t seen your wallet and not give it back to you if she had taken the money. And I’d bet that most things that go missing from bars/restaurants are taken by fellow tourists, rather than staff.)

  • I visited Siam Hut just yesterday. Pleasant place with bad staff!

    My money was stolen in front of other customers and 6 of my colleagues. I left my wallet on the counter to deliver drinks to my table. After ordering another round I found my wallet missing. I asked the girl behind the counter and she immediately gave my wallet to me. BUT!!!!! All of my money was gone. It totaled 3500 Baht. This is not a lot of money to some; but, it is to me. When I asked her who returned the wallet, she got very defensive and looked rather angry/guilty. She made up a story about a White guy returning it. (lies!). As I left she tried to yell at me and make me feel bad about loosing my money to which I let her have a verbal beating back. I called the police and made a report and immediately left the island. Now I have heard more about this manager and her ways. Many people have had there money stolen there. One man who was brave enough to confront her more got his hand chopped up with a butcher knife.

    I have been going there for 10 years and never had an issues like this, no matter the resort I stayed in. I just want others to know.

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