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October 31

Koh Chang, Thailand Travel Information and Visitor Guide. Updated 31 October. Loy Krathong festival, drunk expats, the delights of Namcheio village and Laem Ngop Naval memorial

Happy Loy Krathong. Klong Prao Temple Fair is on NOW!   until 2 November. Fire juggling, a bouncy castle, loads of meats on sticks, loads of flip flops in primary colours for sale, loads of loud music, loads more food, loads more shopping and a few monks. It’s a good night out, tonight’s highlight was the   ‘Grand Mom Beauty Pageant’.   It looked like a dead heat in the ‘Decorate your Giant Christmas Pudding‘ competition.   More photos in this Loy Krathong gallery.

Koh Chang Temple Fair

Nothing says ‘Sombre Memorial’ like an oversized naval gnome

Nothing says 'Sombre memorial' like an oversized sailor gnome

A few photos of the Naval Memorial in Laem Ngop added.

New feature . . .F%&ked up Farangs.

A new, most likely regular, feature on reasons why just saying ‘No’ to the combination of   sunshine, girls and cheap alcohol is often a good thing.

I must have a persona that attracts alcoholic expats, today I managed to have three people contact me.   One was convinced that the Thai mafia were going to kill him as he had problems with his landlord and needed a leak fixing.   He had a solution though and that was to torch the house if any hired assassins came knocking.   He would then get revenge on the house owner in his next life.   A cunning plan.

Another had managed to crash his rental bike and decided that the best way to face the owner and plead innocence was with a large bottle of beer in his hand . . . at 9.30am.   He   had smashed the bike the previous night whilst pissed and stoned. He was fortunate in that the owner of the bike rental shop is a nice guy and so didn’t take the normal route of emptying the expat’s   wallet in order to teach the guy a lesson.   He ended up paying a couple of thousand baht, the true cost pof the spare parts.

And a third, wandered round to our house as he was having girlfriend problems, she wanted to move out and had decided to take most of his possessions as he was in her words “a bad man“.   This was a bit of a surprise as when I spoke to him a week earlier he was still a sworn batchelor with no girlfriend.   Turn’s out he had met someone, moved her in, had a honeymoon period, and then also split up due to irreconcilable differences within the space of 6 days.

And this is late October, before the really screwed up people arrive for their six months in the sun.

Dining Out

Thanks to JC and Khun Kornchai at Siam Beach Resort, Lonely Beach for the invitation to try their new 450 Baht   per head buffet on the beach.   All you can eat and a very good selection of food from   regular Thai dishes to the BBQ which includes Snapper, King Mackerel, huge prawns, crabs as well as T-bone steak, pork ribs and other beef, chicken and pork steaks marinated in various spicy sauces.   All in all well worth going to if you are in need of a big feed.   A full bar with beer and cocktails is also on hand.     We just got one of everything, except the friend rice, and spent a few hours working our way through a multitude of dishes whilst knocking back beer, wine and cocktails – exactly which ones I can’t remember.

Not a carb in sight

We also headed up to White Sand Beach for ribs at Texas Steakhouse a few days ago, so thanks as always to the guys there for the great food and cocktails.

(Restaurant owners take note, there is a link between offering me shit loads of free food and being mentioned on this site.)

( Other readers, ignore the sentence above. All views expressed on this site are impartial and not for sale . . . but can be rented short time.)

New Villa For Rent in Kai Bae

This spacious, modern, 2 bedroom fully airconditioned villa set in a large tropical garden is now available for rent from 5,000 Baht/night.   Internet, satellite TV and round trip transfers to the ferry pier included in the price.   More details

Villa rental in Kai Bae Koh Chang


This is a small village on the mainland midway between Trat town and the ferry piers.   The reason people stop here is to buy the local handicrafts   as the area is famous for it’s woven basketware.   We’ve been there a few times recently to buy various bits and pieces for our new rooms.   The village also has a large Muslim population, which is unique for this part of Thailand.   The story is that Muslim sailors landed here and settled.   The mosque by the river is over 200 years old.   There is also still a large fishing community here, so if you have your own transport it is worth looking around to see a bit of local life.

Local News: Crime & Punishment

There was an attempted rape in Klong Prao last week.   A Thai woman was attacked by one of her neighbours whilst her husband, also Thai, was away.     She told him but she refused to go to the police as she didn’t think they could help.   Which, without any witnesses is unfortunately true.   Fortunately her husband had a solution and that was to order a gun.   Apparently only 2,000 baht will get you a ‘disposable’ pistol.   i.e.   one that isn’t registered, has probably been used before and you would use for just one job then throw it away or get rid of it by any means necessary as if it was found in your possession it would almost certainly implicate you in numerous crimes.   His friends offered their advice which ranged from ‘Kill the neighbour now’   to ‘ Wait for a year and kill him then.’     Either way if I was the neighbour I’d be considering a move away from Koh Chang.

Thought for the Day

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I will also be adding some details of scuba diving on Koh Chang with PADI courses and dive trips bookable in advance   through, probably, Koh Chang’s best dive school – BB Divers.   You can see some great underwater photos in this new Scuba Diving gallery. And there’s also   a very nice house for a very reasonable weekly rent in Kai Bae, definitely worth a look if you prefer not to stay in a busy resort during your vacation.   That will also be added soon, as will details of our new rooms that are still under construction.

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