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October 11

Koh Chang, Thailand Travel Information and Visitor Guide. Updated 11 October. News and up to date information on resorts, hotels, activities, sightseeing and bungalows on Ko Chang Island, Thailand.

It’s been a while since the last update, mainly because the site was down and had problems for   a couple of weeks.   All is slowly getting back to normal now.   Still some small, time consuming things to do.   But most bits and pieces are in the right place again.   We’ve also been busy getting the guesthouse ready for the High Season, which for us begins in 2 days time.   But due to the incessant rain things are going slower than planned.   Our deck looked like this at 9.30am today . . .


Back in Kayak

The guys from Kayak Chang are back for the 2009-10 High Season with some additional sea kayaking trips and tours.   They now offer everything from introductory sessions for people who have never set foot in a sit inside sea kayak before to an overnight trip to a small island where you can camp on the beach ‘Survivor’ style plus a monthly, 8-day expedition to the islands south of Koh Chand for experienced paddlers.   More details here. (Josh, from Kayak Chang, on the left of the photo below, does stuff like paddle around the north of Scotland or Norway in freezing rain and wind for fun.   The guy on the right only paddles when the sun is shining.   One of them has more sense.)


Koh Chang Restaurant makes it onto ‘Top 5’ list.

Unfortunately the list is of the worst pizza on each of the five continents and Koh Chang proudly represents Asia.

Yes – It serves us Falang tourists right for ordering pizza in Thailand. Yes – we should know better and just order the Pad Thai like every other backpacker. But no, we can’t resist the promise of a real pizza.

It’s the ladyboy of the food world – we know it’s not real but by-gosh, we’re going in anyway.


Chinese New Year

It getting near the time of year when thoughts of readers of this site living in China, Hong Kong and Singapore begin planning their Chinese New Year trips.   With that in mind in a few days I’ll be adding some info on packages for groups of six or more wanting to spend a short vacation on Koh Chang.   Packages will include 2 oe 3 nights accommodation in a 4 star hotel, round trip transfers from Bangkok Airport to Koh Chang, a full day snorkelling trip, a full day island tour and a seafood dinner.   Prices will be from 7,700 Baht/person.

Airline Safety

One-Two-Go, the Thai budget airline that had a place crash land at Phuket Airport a couple of years ago has the following gem in it’s FAQs for passengers.   I am not sure how many tourists are asking themselves this question – but it is still good to know.

Can I take   a gun with me on my travelling date?

Guns or sharp weapons may be checked-in but not hand-carried. The passenger having such items should contact our staff at the check-in counter (Please be aware that such objects are subject to careful examination to ensure maximum safety for passengers onboard our flights)

Koh Mak Night Market

Until now anyone staying on Koh Mak and wanting to visit a market at night in order to buy cheap food, beverages and   souvenirs has had to make a trip to Koh Chang and spend a night here in order to do so.   However, that has all changed and Koh Mak now has it’s very own weekly nightmarket that is held every Saturday from 13.00 – 21.00 at Ao Nid.

koh mak night market

Amazing Thailand

I was ‘Upcountry’ at the end of last month, visiting Korat a.k.a. ‘Land of   a million bar girls’ and checking out some of the most exciting places in Thailand. This was supposed to be one of the highlights but as mounds go it was pretty average and not worth driving 250km from Bangkok for.   But I guess it is what passes for a ‘Must See’ in that part of Thailand.


Blatant plug for Strawberry Moons

I took a friend visiting Koh Chang the the small Strawberry Moons restaurant in Chai Chet for a meal a few days ago and he loved the food.   Is it as good as Kati? (My favourite restaurant on Koh Chang) . . . almost. :-)   They’ll be doing more BBQ stuff including ribs for the coming High Season, so I’ll be back.

Being mentioned on the site.

Recently a couple of Thai business owners have asked me, via a third party,   if I can change my site to recommend their particular business.   I told the intermediary that if I like something I mention it, if I don’t then you might not see it mentioned. Simple as that.   There are plenty of places they can pay for an advert and have someone say how wonderful their place is. Although I did mention that if they were to offer me huge amounts of money I can be bought.   But so far no offers of riches have materialised.


  • HI ian
    Good to have you back mate sitting in the Sahara desert it is nice to see what is going on Koh Chang we are nearly at the start phase for the B&B as usual taken longer than hoped for. Hope to se you some time when I get back later this month
    best regards
    Good luck with the deck

  • Well done great to see you back. you are important to people who want to know about Koh Chang and for people who love Koh Chang. Can you send me please or feature a plot/land in the river estuary that was for sale.
    Regards David

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