For 2009

November 18

Not a great deal happening here right now.   I’ve got a few pages of stuff to add when I have time in the coming week, so for now a few photos of stuff I’ve seen this past week.

I went out looking for amusing menu items. But someone has to explain this to me.   Roast baby is obvious enough, but is it a snack or main course?


Meanwhile, this restaurant is obviously run by one of the bug eaters from Isaan.   There’s nothing like a nice ‘tick curry’ for lunch . . .


Can’t afford a GPS?   No problem. I have found a much cheaper alternative.   Simply carry your own wooden sign around and you always know exactly where you are and therefore are never lost . . .


I also went down to Koh Mak where I was greeted by someone who seemed very pleased to see me. (You’d be surprised how often I have this effect on women.)


And then spent the night on Koh Rayang, where I met up with ‘Dong’, who looks after the resort there and who has just spent a couple of years as a monk.   I last saw him just before he went off to the temple. He’s a Thai artist who studied in Germany and is one of the friendliest, most helpful people you will meet anywhere.   Then in the morning I woke up to this view . . .


And our new rooms were finally finished . . almost.   AC, Ensuite rooms. Yours for 1,100 Baht/night, but already booked until mid-January.   More details on the Baan Rim Nam page.

Climb Every Mountain

Koh Chang Trekking information updated with a new trek in Klong Prao from Tan Trekking.   If you make it to the top of the hill you’ll get this view:


Really Getting Away From It All

Why not stay on a private island?   A couple of options for you which wont break the bank.   Analay Resort on Koh Ngam, 500 metres off   the southeastern tip of Koh Chang and Rayang Island Resort on Koh Rayang, 1km off Koh Mak.


Analay Resort, Koh Ngam.

High Season From 1,500 Baht/night


Rayang Island Resort, Koh Rayang.

High Season From 1,700 Baht/night

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