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March 17

17 March – Stop the Press. Joey Boy, Thailand’s first, and only, rap superstar is on Koh Chang and has been flying his para-motor around this morning.

Finally finished my first attempt at a site using WordPress. There’s no real point to it other than to give anyone who’s planning to visit Koh Chang, or who is missing the place a new photo taken somewhere in, on or around the island every day. Anyway, if you’re interested, see:

Better in every way though, apart from it only being in in Thai language, and therefore at first glance not much use to 99% of foreign visitors, is a site that focuses on the Salakphet area of Koh Chang. However, it does have loads of very good photos of the south east of the island. See: or click here to go straight to the Photo Galleries. Should be enough to convince you to make the effort to go there if you visit Koh Chang.

Klong Prao Pizza
A new take-away pizza place, called ‘Pizza & Baguette’ recently opened in Klong Prao, directly opposite the entrance to the temple. Nothing too fancy or pretentious, just tasty, filling pizzas from 150 baht up. They also have a delivery service so you can get it delivered to your sun-lounger by the pool in time for sunset. Tel: 085-367-0214.

So near and yet so far…
Top marks the the Trat Tourist Association having the idea to put up numerous maps by the roadside so that visitors can get a handle on where they are.

I often wonder if people have bright ideas and then someone else deliberately sabotages them, as the implementation always seems to render the original good idea fairly useless, Zero marks for a) employing someone to write it who probably hasn’t ever been to Koh Chang judging by brief bits of info on the map and b) not using some of the advertising revenue to pay for someone to proof read the thing first, or even pay a five year old to teach someone in Tourism HQ how to use the MS Word spellchecker.

16mar-bootIt starts out innocently enough with the Boot Police but before you know it they’ll be checking sandals, flip-flops and Crocs too. If anyone wants to have some fun, just print out a few ‘You are here!’ stickers and place them randomly on the maps.

So, R U?
I’m guessing ‘No’, if you are reading this on a computer in an conditioned office somewhere.



New Boutique Hotel open in Trat
For anyone who’s ever been to Trat that’s probably a headline they never thought they would live to see, as Trat town isn’t synonymous with anything that could even remotely be described as ‘classy’. But this new place looks very good value if you happen to be marooned in Trat for a night. Only 1 minute walk from Trat department store in downtown Trat. 800 – 900 Baht/night. The owner is Khun Tu. Tel: 081-8617181 or 039 – 524 919 E-mail: < > You’re probably wondering what it looks like, it’s looks very nice. But I’ve accidentally deleted the photos, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

On the subject of ’boutique’ places. Is Warapura Resort on Lonely Beach, the nicest small resort on Koh Chang? I reckon so.

Warapura Flashpacker Boutique Comfort

Warapura Flashpacker Boutique Comfort

Things you missed last week
Blues Cha Cha in Kai Bae re-opened under new ownership.

Blues Cha Cha Opening Night

Blues Cha Cha Opening Night

Koh Chang Paradise Lost (Or is it?)
I keep reading things online about Koh Chang being a ‘Paradise Lost’ basically meaning that is has evolved from being an island inhabited by a handful of friendly fisherfolk who would welcome you into their 50 baht a night beachfront huts into one covered in quick dry concrete and quick burn tourists. But was the paradise that Koh Chang lost more paradisacal than that lost by other islands? Or is the level of paradise that is still visible today greater than the amount of measurable paradise still found on other islands?

According to Google, in reverse order:
6.Samui Paradise Lost – 12,400 results
5.Koh Tao Paradise Lost – 13,400 results
4.Koh Chang Paradise Lost – 16,300 results
3.Phuket Paradise Lost – 26,600 results
2.Phi Phi Paradise Lost – 31,300 results
1.Pattaya Paradise Lost – 87,400 results

So, when it comes to trashing islands the developers in the south are still the champs. But a bit disconcerting to see that Samui’s paradise hasn’t been eroded as much as Koh Chang’s or it is
possible that people never considered Samui to be a ‘paradise’ in the first place?

Koh Chang & Beyond
The website for Koh Chang & Beyond tourist magazine is getting a makeover. See (Nothing there as of the time of this update but I’m told it should be shortly.) Any business owner on Koh Chang & surrounding islands can advertise their services for FREE on this new site.
The point of Twitter is lost on me. If anyone wanted to know what I was doing right now they could call me. If they didn’t have my number then I’d probably not be interested in telling them what I was doing right now. And if a total stranger called up and just say ‘Tell me in 140 characters or less what you are doing right now’, I’d think I had a stalker. But Twitter is different and it’s cool, because celebrities use it. So for those of you killing time waiting for Jade Goody to die . . . follow me and numb your brain further by discovering just how exciting life on a Thai island can be:

Silence is golden
So what price for a silent partner in your business? An expat based elsewhere in Thailand has 2 million baht to invest in a good, well managed business that may need help during these difficult times. He will not be involved in any day to day running of the company, but will expect a decent ROI. If you have a viable business, i.e. not a nail salon, bar in a shop unit, tour agency booth or anything run by your girlfriend and are interested, let me know and I’ll pass on his contact details. He’ll be on Koh Chang next month.

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