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June 12

12 June – Another lazy update as all my free time is being spent on the new version of this site.

White Sand Beach – Keeping Up Appearances

white-sand-garbageThe sign says asks businesses not to dump their garbage on the pavement by the main road, but at a collection point only 200 metres away. Given the choice between making the roadside an eyesore and taking your trash an extra 200 metres what would you do? Bearing in mind that your business depends on the tourists walking along this road.

Rooms with Views

bangbao pier cliff cottage

Bangbao Pier Seen from Cliff Cottages yesterday – note the bright sunshine and clear blue sky. The weather has been extremely good the past week.

Several business owners and local officials from Koh Chang took a day trip to Koh Kood a couple of days ago to see how they are using simple, German technology to recycle waste. The idea is to copy the scheme on Koh Chang. There will be a demonstration here sometime this week, but the faxed info I was promised hasn’t come through yet. So no idea when & where it will take place.   If it does then I’ll have some pics in the next update, if it doesn’t, then you’ll be seeing more photos of fruit.

Amazing Trat Paradise Fruit Festival
Better late than never, last week I was sent a press release for a fruit festival on the mainland that runs from April -July.

fruit paradise trat koh chang

So, we went on a mission to try to find the Fruit Festival but ended up at ‘Oriental Garden’ a fruit farm company that seems to be behind the Fruit Festival idea. It’s a place where visitors can see fruit growing, being dried, packed and sold to other visitors at the end of their guided tour.

However, there were some signs to a market which led down a dirt road, this looked infinitely more fun and so we followed this track. There were no more signs and no market of any kind to be found. But the dirt track was fun, an ideal place to have an ATV or mountain bike, the dirt roads keep going through rubber and fruit plantations where you can stick your arm out of the car and pick rambutans off the trees, and then ends at a farmer’s house. He looked quite bemused. Guess he doesn’t get many English visitors.

rambutans growing trat

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