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July 23

The wettest week of the year so far. Pretty much everything I own is now in a state of permanent dampness.   Klong Plu waterfall is closed today.

(Dead) Wildlife: Thanks to Ross from Strawberry Moons & Steve for this photo of the rather large snake that I mentioned in an update 3 weeks ago.

koh chang snake python

And I also heard from a keen snakeologist who stayed at our place last month and spotted a baby snake on the footbridge late one night.   He is currently trying to identify it and thinks it might be a new species that was recently discovered in the Cardamon mountains in Cambodia, but so far not listed as living on Koh Chang.   Relatively harmless apparently.   He made ‘Life on Earth’ with David Attenborough, so he knows his snakes / reptiles / insects pretty well.

Interesting menu items No. 24: If French cuisine is one of your guilty pleasures (Mine is playing the air guitar to Iron Maiden’s ‘ The Trooper’, one foot on the make believe amp, pausing only briefly to make the ‘Devil Horns’ hand signal to the packed arena.   But I digress.) then   how about a nice ‘Chicken Gordon Blew‘? during your holiday on Koh Chang? Available at the restaurant opposite the northernmost 7-eleven on White Sand beach

The Eclipse: I even had an email asking about solar eclipse which passed over Asia this week.   Was it visible from Koh Chang someone wanted to know.   Make up your own mind, here’s a photo I took, looking east at 7am on 22 July.   The advice from the local Tourist Authorities was that if the eclipse wasn’t visible then you could always get the same effect by sticking a bag over your head for six minutes at some point between 0700 and 0900.

total eclipse

Money Matters: What would you do if you had exactly 2,147,483,646 Baht?   Most likely what ever you want.   But for the purposes of this update, I know something you couldn’t do, buy the land advertised below on Koh Chang as you’d be just short.   There’s no harm being optimistic when you set pricing for a few rai with no beach.   But as mark-up’s go an additional 2 billion for the agent is a little steep.

most expensive land in Thailand

Added: Just added some brief information about Koh Mak.   No point to add a lot as and, both from people who live on the island, have got everything pretty much covered between them.

Watersports: It would be nice, just once in a while – or failing that, just once, to be able to prove the statement that ‘All jetskis are ridden by f&8king idiots’ to be false.   Unfortunately, yet again, I’m unable to do that.   Here’s Somchai on his new toy seeing how fast he can go on a river last week.

koh chang jetski

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  • Love the Gordon Blew bit Ian. I did see in Queenstown N.Z on the specials board of a Thai restaurant Tom Yam Seal

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