For 2009

July 10

Still waiting for the rainy season to start, which it probably will in a week or so when the island gets busier with visitors from. Europe taking their Summer holidays.   But for now, it looks like this, early afternoon yesterday in Kai Bae.   The photos were taken with cheap phone cam, hence the crap quality.

kai-bae-jul9Anyway, welcome to the sexier version of the site.   Hopefully changing the entire site and also changing hosting companies at the same time goes without too many hitches.

Some things may not work perfectly, e.g. I have my doubts about the contact forms working immediately.   And of course all the old pages will disappear, but if you have bookmarked anything you should be redirected to the equivalent new page without seeing a dreaded   ‘404’ error.

It should also be easier to find what you are looking for on this site.   The black navigation bar at the top has all the basic info you might need about the island, getting here etc.   And in the right hand side bar you’ll find links to all the sections/chapters in the site and subsections.

Someone asked ‘Why the change?’   Simple, the old site hadn’t changed for 5 years, was made with MS Frontpage – software so crap that even Microsoft stopped making it in 2003   and plus I thought it was time to enter the Web 2.0 world.   A lot of the content has been re-written and updated but there again a lot has just been repackaged and some just deleted permanently.

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