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January 6

6 January – Today, I went out with Josh from for a paddle around the islands that lie of Klong Prao & Kai Bae beaches. They’ll be offering guided kayak trips in the very near future with an emphasis on safety. You don’t have to be super fit as they use ‘sit inside’, rather than ‘sit on top’ kayaks which are imported from the UK and designed for use on the open water. Safety is a priority and novice kayakers will receive training before they set out.

Taking a break on Koh Yuak

Taking a break on Koh Yuak

In addition you’ll be kitted out with the same standard of equipment as you’d get if you were on a kayaking trip back home – a rash guard shirt to protect against the sun, a sprayskirt, a PFD (i.e. a life vest designed for kayaking), adjustable carbon fibre paddle etc. They’ll even provide snorkelling equipment as you will get the chance to see a few reef fish during the trip. I took the photo below on the island of Koh Yuak.
If you are on KC now and are interested in a bit of an adventure call Josh on 087.673.1753.

Psychologists  - Explain The Meaning

Analyse these stickers I saw on the back of a pick up truck and see if you can figure out what message the driver is trying to convey.

(The appearance of) Safety on Koh Chang
Following the the Great Fire of VJ Plaza a couple of week’s ago the authorities leapt into action and in an instant made the island a safer place for visitors to visit. This was accomplished by hanging a white sheet with ‘Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center Koh Chang Municipality’ written on it in front of a small shop unit that houses a roadside laundry.

So whilst you are waiting for your disaster to be mitigated you can top your motorbike up with gasoline from one of the bottles for sale on top of the oil drum, or get your bloodstained/fire damaged clothes washed. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, often they aren’t.

A young Thai couple holidaying on Koh Chang died last weekend when a coconut tree fell on the tent they were sleeping in at a campsite near Salakphet. In response to this, and in a bid to prevent unnecessary tragic deaths  in the future, the old woman in the laundry at the ‘Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center Koh Chang Municipality’ issued a warning for all Thai visitors to check the expiry date of their lucky amulets. Temples on Koh Chang are also now offering free upgraded blessings for purchasers of ‘Lucky Buddha’ brand 12 karat gold amulets that, in addition to including protection from fire, drowning, drink drivers, bullets and AIDS also offer protection from falling coconut palms. For a limited time only, they come with an affordable option to extend coverage to close friends and family. All amulets sold with a ‘Money back if you die’ guarantee.

In search of the Holy Grail
Since time began miss-spellings on menus in restaurants in Thailand have been providing a seemingly endless supply of anecdotes to be relayed at dinner parties back home. A couple of recent examples that I’ve seen are ‘Vermin Cell’ instead of ‘Vermicelli’; ‘Papaya salad with crap’ which might be correct but I think it should be ‘crab’; ‘Prawns in crack powder’ a.k.a. very addictive Prawn tempura.

But the granddaddy of them all, the typo that’s existence has often been doubted, thus leading it to have a near mythical status, has now been spotted lurking on a roadside menu on White Sand beach, Koh Chang. Since the early 1970s this innocent error has been used by comedians plying their trade in the Working Men’s clubs of northern England during routines about “Them Chinkies what talk funny like”. Yet, despite it being commonly referenced, actual, confirmed sightings like this one are extremely rare.

A picture is worth a thousand words
Especially when it’d take at least double that number to describe the many many ways in which this new house, currently under construction on Koh Chang, is indescribably wrong. (Yes, those branches are concrete.) Apparently the house now has a windmill on top too. Yet another example of the inverse relationship between good taste and personal wealth.

The 1924 Palace Law of Succession
If, like me, you have a habit of finding yourself on Koh Chang pondering whether the offspring of Queen Saowabha and Queen Savang Vadhana really should be given priority over the royal lineage stemming from Queen Sukumala then help is at hand at City Law, Klong Prao.

Bangbao’s Big Night Out
The Directors and staff at Tranquility Bay Residence held a BBQ party on 30 December for owners in Phase 1 who were spending their first Christmas & New Year at their new condo on Koh Chang. The guys behind the project – Nat, Simon and Pep, are pictured below as are the Sales Team.

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