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January 19

Is that the reclusive Robbie Williams?

Is that the reclusive Robbie Williams?

19 January – Here’s an interesting website – a seaplane service, that doesn’t exist, for Koh Chang but with contact details in Roskilde, Denmark.

Read all about it! Posh & Becks visit Koh Chang
I had an email this week from a newspaper in London who are doing a bit on Koh Chang and wanted to know if any celebrities visit the island. I guess that if they don’t then it isn’t worth mere mortals, i.e. their readers, making the effort to come here. But in a bid to boost visitor numbers to the island I felt obliged to drop a few names of people who, off the record, may have visited (or may not – if you’re a pessimist) Looking back through some old photos, that does look uncannily like Robbie Williams on the balcony of a penthouse site at Cookies Hotel, White Sand beach. The camera never lies.

(20 Jan – The article is now online. Scroll down to the last line for my input. Angie/Leo if you’re reading this – catch up with you for a beer next time.)

Another restaurant for you to try.

‘Friend Seafood’ has been in Kai Bae for several years and until last week I had never eaten there. This is probably due to the part of may brain that still thinks like backpacker when it comes to choosing restaurants and wants to avoid anything that appears overly touristy.

You know the type of places. Large wooden boat piled high with seafood at the entrance. Menu in five languages, none of them the local one. Bland but well presented Thai food. Passable Western dishes that almost look how they should, yet always lack one key ingredient that you just cant put your finger on. Waiters who speak better English than those in most 4 star hotels and use it to chat up your wife, mother and/or daughter.

Plus a bill that includes various extras you didn’t realise you had had or had to pay for. Such as those cold towels you get put in front of you before your meal and don’t really know what to do with. Do you rub your freshly showered hands with them? Wipe the sweat off your brow? Blow your nose on it? Or do all three?

But my ‘Food Nazi’ instincts proved to be wrong. it turned out that it was pretty good. Excellent seafood, from the wooden boat out front. Very nice Thai food. Good service from waiters who speak better English than those in most 4 star hotels. And sensible prices with no unexpected extras. There were even a couple of Thai groups amongst the sea of suntanned Europeans dining there. The only thing to avoid, as usual, is the wine – unless you like drinking chilled red vinegar. You’ll find Friend Seafood by the roadside in Kai Bae, midway between Chang Park Resort and the 7-eleven minimart. Worth trying if you’re staying down that way.

Siam Royal View Buyers
There’s a website for owners at Siam Royal View developments to share their thoughts. was put together by residents at the Pattaya development. Not a lot of activity on this new site yet but having it is a good idea as it enables those who aren’t in Thailand to keep up to date and in touch with the latest news & opinion from fellow buyers they may not have met in person before. Only one post on their from a buyer at SRV Koh Chang. Interesting.

Last Stop Before Heaven (Number 1)

Last Stop Before Heaven (Number 2)
If you are going to have a motorbike accident and wind up as a spray painted outline on the road, try to have it in a location where the emergency services can quickly reach you, as this guy did. Right outside the International Clinic.

Building Tips
This week we look at the oft asked question “How do I know if my luxury island home was built by a local who doesn’t know what foreign buyers want but thinks he does?” There are several methods ranging from mentioning the words ‘Interior Design’ and watching as the words fly over his head; to being told that the reason there is no grass, only concrete in the garden is that concrete is easier to maintain and therefore, obviously, better.

But my preferred method is to check to see if every available surface, including exterior walls, have been tiled and those tiles are all different patterns and colours. I couldn’t get the steps in the shot below, or the interior walls & floor, but if I had you would have seen seven different patterns and colours of tiling. As it is, here are a mere four. Classy. And I think I deserve a bonus point for getting a green mock wood, concrete garden table in the background too.

The Joy of Giving
The joy of receiving is sometimes another matter. Emailers occasionally ask if there’s anything they can bring me when they visit Koh Chang. If my wine cellar is running low then I’ll ask them to stop off at the Duty Free on the way to Thailand and pick up a bottle of cheap drinkable red. Or possibly white. Maybe even a rose. But until now I have never had a bottle of blue. This is from China ‘Made with the best grapes in the world and modern electronic technics’ according to the label. It’s called ‘Binglu’ and is produced by a chemical factory in Flungdung Province. It’s 5% alcohol (& 95% anti-freeze).

River View Villas, Klong Prao
More a large studio with a kitchen and bathroom unless the Romans had this in mind when they coined the term a couple of millennia ago. But if you’re looking for a place to rent long-term these River View Villas are pretty nice. Around 120,000 Baht/year.

The big plus is the slipway which allows you to put a small boat in the water easily. If you’re interested talk to the people at Magic Resort, Klong Prao. To find the villas turn off the main road next to Ramayana Resort, then turn off down the narrow access road just before you reach Aana Resort.

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