For 2009

December 26

Christmas / New year holiday on Koh Chang? Want to do something more worthwhile than lying on the beach all day?

(The school is located in the inland valley opposite Ramayana Resort, Klong Prao. )

It’s around this time of year that I usually stick a Santa hat on the dog and use that to fill up space on the front page.   But seeing as he’s spending his days lying under the car, covered in dirt, waiting for his chance to hop on the neighbour’s bitch who’s on heat –   I fear that he’d look more like a horny, homeless tramp than a festive canine.

So, to Plan B, a few photos of Koh Chang all lit up for Christmas.


If you missed out on the Christmas festivities and are on the island for New Year the main public event will be in Klong Prao on the empty land between Klong Prao Resort & and Ramayana.   Music, beer and food nightly from 30 December – 2 January.   You’ll see larger overhead banners spanning the road as you get near the site.

The highlight is an attempt on the World Record for the ‘Longest Greeting Card’,   a pointless record currently held by a woman from India who clearly has far too much time on her hands. I for one, hope the record attempt will be a success as a 137 metre long bit of cardboard is what Koh Chang really needs to put the island well and truly on the international tourist map.   Whilst   signing your name on the card you’ll also be able to watch song and dance acts by shiny young poptarts like the ones below, the sort of band who are   very popular in northeastern   villages where it is still 1982.

And if you can’t wait until the last day of the year for a bit of a party then head down to the southern end of Klong Prao beach, the ‘ Bar Del Mar’ to be more specific, for their official opening night party on December 28.

If the name sounds familiar it’s because this is the re-incarnation of the popular Casa Del Mar run by Tina, that was based in Bangbao. Click the thumbnail   on the left for more info.

Finally, the Koh Mak catamaran has been sighted.   It’s maiden voyage last week took it from the boatyard in Pattaya to Koh Mak passing down the east coast of Koh Chang enroute.   Some photos below taken on the voyage and of the boat moored at Ao Nid pier on Koh Mak.   (Thanks to Ball & Yodying for these.) Services between Koh Mak and the mainland should begin some time in the next 2-4 weeks.

But that’s not the only unexpected new arrival on Koh Mak.   Two elephants have just arrived, presumably by boat and presumably for use in the island’s first elephant camp.     Apparently, quite a few islanders aren’t too happy with this as Koh Mak isn’t ideal for elephants.   Although there is a lot of shade in the rubber plantations there’s no river on the island and elephants do like to swim and get wet.   Plus they each need 200kg of food a day.

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