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December 14


Webmaster manuals often mention that there’s nothing like a photo of a Green Cat Snake to grab the visitor’s attentionon the home page of a site.       So it is very fortunate that this lovely example was sent to me by Domokos who photographed him/her/it   in late November whilst on   a a jungle trek in the south of Koh Chang with ‘Jungleman Raht’, who runs treks in the Klong Kloi area.   Thanks to Domokos for sending it and if you want to contact Raht direct about treks his email is < >

I’ll leave the wildlife photography to the experts and concentrate on what I’m best at . . . filling up webspace with mindless nonsense that is vaguely Koh Chang related.   Next time you ar at Klong Plu waterfall, pop into the   National Park Information Centre.   Here amongst shelves filled with leaflets warning of the dangers of various maladies from AIDS to Swine Flu you’ll find signboards displaying information about the different areas of the island, for example Kai Bae Beach.   I loved the photo of the   pure white sand and those   rolling hills in the distance . . . and that’s a bit odd, because last time I looked there weren’t any offshore mountain ranges visible from Kai Bae beach – only sea.

Turns out there is an obvious explanation.   Rather than send someone with a camera down to Kai Bae, the National Park decided to promote a beach on Koh Chang using a photo taken from the internet.   In this case a picture of the Harris Hills as seen from a beach on the Isle of Berneray in Scotland.     (But hopefully no-one will notice.)

15 Dec.   – This has now developed into a major international incident, well an amusing distraction from the cold grey skies in Scotland, with a story about the photo appearing in The Scotsman newspaper.     I guess I should also mention that the photos of White Sand beach are faked too.

16 Dec. – Story now in The Daily Mail and The Sun newspapers in the UK and on the BBC News website.   ( The Sun, being The Sun, has a photo captioned as Kai Bae beach – but isn’t actually of Kai Bae beach either. )   And now   also a report on Scottish Television which also mentions Koh Chang is in the Indian Ocean . . .   no wonder the Scots didn’t make good explorers.

With Xmas approaching one question sure to be on everyone’s minds is ‘Where can I find the cheapest beachfront beer on Koh Chang? I’ll nominate Chang Park Resort on the Isle of Berneray Kai Bae Beach.   Despite the best efforts of a pretty good Thai guitarist strumming his way through cover versions of classic 70s & 80s soft rock, the beachfront bar is a bit sad to say the least.     But that’s to be expected from a resort that switches most of the   garden and beachfront lights off at night as this is probably cheaper than paying for a large neon sign saying ‘We don’t want your business. Please go elsewhere.’   However, if you are in Kai Bae and want a respite from the loud roadside bars, but don’t want to break the bank,   then head here for a quiet drink by the sea in darkness.   A small Heineken is 50 baht, Singha or Chang are also 50 baht – so no reason not to treat yourself to the fancy European brew.   Cocktails are all 120 baht and are made from brand name alcohol, not the cheap crap most bars use in order to maximise profits.   (These aren’t happy hour prices, these are from the menu and include VAT, service etc.)

December’s ‘Tropical Living’ magazine is out now and is available in good bookshops and fancy hotels in Thailand, Hong Kong & Singapore.   There’s a write up on the Koh Mak property scene in it that I wrote, so if you have a copy and want it autographing, just let me know.   Alternatively save yourself the money and read the full magazine online.

Need to be saved?   Help is at hand.   Thankfully some Christians are here to save us from being corrupted and led astray by evil Buddhists during this festive period.   Looks like Jesus also loves a nice cup of coffee too.


On the subject of coffee and on the off chance you are heading round the eastern side of Koh Chang, you might be interested to know that there’s a nice little coffeeshop just opened by the sea in ‘Ban Sai Dang’ – a hamlet so small it doesn’t seem to have any houses, only a sign to show that it actually exists. The hot coffee is good, the iced less so as it seems to lacks one key ingredient in any good iced coffee . . . a coffee taste.   But regardless, stop for a Cappuchino and enjoy the view.

A few pages that I added last week are below including Koh Chang’s Funkiest cafe, that is for sale and the island’s smallest restaurant ‘Sea Breeze’ in Klong Prao, that is open for everything from real English breakfasts – complete with Terry Wogan, to home cooked private   seafood dinners.


  • Hi Andrew. Thanks for your comment. I didn’t think the 5/5 scores would last, always looks a bit odd when something is perfect so a 4/5 is probably more accurate. They’ll be another update on the way in the next day or so.

  • Hi Ian

    Thank you so much for keeping the site up to date. I still have not visited Koh Chang, something I plan to correct very shortly, but your continued missives allow me to think that I have. However, you have had a sour Christmas present…a miserable couple from Edinburgh have had the ordacity to score you only 4 out of 5 on Tripadvisor…completely ruining your 100% record! I know they’re Scottish so most Brits will take account of this (!), but I thought you ought to know so that suitable retribution can be arranged!

  • Just normal practice here. The pick up truck taxis have a price list pasted on the back but you’ll notice this just shows the price from the pier to the various beaches and also says it is the price per passenger for 12 passengers. This means unless the pick up is full going from or to the pier, you will always pay more than this. Especially at night or when it is raining or when the driver senses an opportunity to rip you off.

  • Hi, A question for you koh changers out there. Was just charged x2 rate on a cab at 11.00 pm. The driver told me that it was double the price after xx hour. Taken alot of taxis and never payed this before?
    Was it a scam? Although a inexpensive one :)

  • Your friends shouldnt worry. No more news of the intended blockade at all. There was supposed to be a protest tomorrow if the locals didn’t get their land title deeds granted. That hasn’t happened but I guess some of the wealthy, influential resort owners have had a quiet word with the natives and asked them not to disrupt the tourist business in what is already a very quiet High Season.

  • Hi Ian, is there any more news about the ferry strike and the hassle created over the land issue, i will be coming to Koh Chang in February, but some freinds are heading there now and the ferry thing might cause them a problem

  • Dear Iamkohchang. We read the ISLAND story in the news this morning. My wife and I have been following your site for months planning for next year’s trip to Koh Chang and Koh Mak. You’re doing a great job, keep up the stories and reports, it’s almost like being there. All the best to you and yours for the festive season.

  • Hey! Ian. You remember we met last year when I saw you on the beach with the dog and asked about the sailing for my family. My friend told me you had the story in the news. Haha. Thanks from Sweden you for your help and the funny story.

  • Hi Ian
    Hope you have a great Xmas and a Happy New Year probably be over sometime in January buy you a beer keep up the good work
    best regards

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