15 February

Pool competition. When you’re planning your dream holiday in a tropical paradise ( i.e. Koh Chang ) one of the things you’ll probably consider, if you’re looking for a holiday with a couple of weeks spent doing nothing, is your hotel pool.  So, which resort has the best pool? I have no idea.  But I decided to go and check out pools at resorts and here are just a few, some good, some not so good.  See if you can match the resort to the pool. ( Answers at the bottom of this page ) I’ll add a page with loads more pool pics later this week.

Down in sleepy Salakphet the new mangrove walkway is now complete.  The previous version lasted for a few years before becoming unsafe and collapsing.  The new one looks sturdy at first glance, but the ‘Shera’ , fake wood planking is already coming loose and will start breaking pretty soon I think.  Sadly, there doesn’t appear to have been a budget for renovating the toilets or the office.  Both of which look a real mess.  On the plus side, it is a very nice walk, especially if you like mangroves and a new section has been added.

A mini-panorama of the Chinese shrine in Klong Son, home to the spirits that protect the fortunes of those living on the island.

In even sleepier Salakkok, nothing much has happened recently.  Or during the past decade for that matter. If you want to see what Koh Chang looked like before tourism took hold, head down there.  Still very much a local fishing community.  A page of Salakkok photos here and a few below if clicking its too much effort.

If you’re heading down the east coast of the island and need a nice spot to take a break then the coffeeshop at Tara Resort is a nice spot by the sea.  Good prices too, with none of the Bangkok pricing that you get on the west coast.  Tasty homemade cake is 30 – 40 Baht and a decent Cappuchino is 45 Baht.  They also do smoothies, teas etc and sell those little clear plastic bags of snacks, tied with a red ribbon, that seem to have an infinite shelf life.  And, if you really want to splash out they have a range of handpainted paintball masks for only 4,200 Baht . . .  I don’t know why either. 

Good news. The new Boonsiri Catamaran which started running in November from Laem Sok to Koh Mak and Koh Kood will add Koh Chang to its schedule.   Bad news is that it might not start for a while, maybe in the Low Season, if not then in the next High Season. The boat’s timetable will be tweaked to allow this and the upside is that it will be feasible to do a day trip from Koh Chang to Koh Mak or Koh Kood and get a few hours on either island.  It is possible to do Koh Mak as a day trip at present but you only have a couple of hours on the island and it has never been possible to do a trip to Koh Kood unless you rented a private speedboat.  This should shake things up a bit as prices and journey time will be similar to the speedboat services but on a far more comfortable boat.  You might see posters for the new service in some tour agents – but at the moment the owners are just gauging demand and reaction to it. Tickets can’t yet be booked but the price will be the same as the speedboats which currently do the journeys. 

And the pools are . . .  1 – Cliff Beach Resort, Kai Bae beach ;  2 – Bhumiyama Resort, Lonely Beach ;  3 – Klong Prao Resort, Klong Prao beach ; 4 – Banpu Resort, White Sand beach; 5 – Gajapuri Resort, Kai Bae beach;  6  – Koh Chang Lagoon Resort, White Sand beach.



  • It is wrong that the internet at Mercure Hideaway is very expensive! It is free all over the hotel and in the rooms! I think they have been forced to change this due to critcism from customers. However the hotel has something that is rediculous: The price for breakfast is 795 bath!!!! It is totally stupid. Now they have an offer for 495 – that is stupid as well!

  • Thanks Fred. I corrected that now. When Thai Garden hill opened it was a nice place, but hasn’t ever appeared to be run very well. Low Season it’s good value for people who dont need to be on the beach.

  • Ramayana is not at Lonely Beach. Bhumiyama at Lonely Beach has two lovely pools. Thai Garden Hill Resort for only $35 a night in low season has a beauty but the resort itself is so so. Like your Koh Chang stories. Worst thing about Koh Chang is the crazy minbuses back to Bangkok. Get the government bus now. Best thing is you can still relax and enjoy nature.

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