Vegetarian Restaurants on Koh Chang

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants on Koh Chang

There’s not a big vegetarian / vegan scene on Koh Chang.  Given the size of the island you might expect to find more places catering to plant eaters, but there aren’t an increasing number of vegetarian restaurants popping up.  However, as far as I know, there isn’t yet a 100% vegan restaurant.

In addition to the handful of specialised vegetarian places there are more that will substitute tofu in their dishes as a substitute for meat or fish.  However, the cooking process is likely to use the same equipment and utensils as non-veggie food, and additives such as fermented fish sauce, which is used to add a salty taste, will also often be used.  So if you are a super strict vegetarian then you’ll have to stick to a smaller number of restaurants or carefully quiz the staff or owner of other places you eat in.

I’ve listed a few places that anyone, regardless of being a vegetarian or not, should try when they are here.  As you’ll have a delicious meal and if you aren’t a veggie or have always assumed that vegetarian food is just salad, then you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. 

Tofu Kitchen, Kai Bae

The Best Vegetarian Restaurants on Koh Chang

Tofu Kitchen

This is a small restaurant tucked away on the Kai Bae bypass road near the north end of the village. It’s also probably the most popular vegetarian restaurant on the island.  A couple of reasons for this . . . .  Firstly, there’s an extensive menu of both Thai and western dishes.  The majority of which are vegan.  And secondly, it’s relatively inexpensive.   The  picture menu is also clearly labelled and so there shouldn’t be any unexpected surprises when dishes arrive.  

If you’re just in need of a cool drink you’ll find a dozen different smoothies and fruit shakes on offer.  Early risers can choose from several types of smoothie bowl, omelettes or vegan tofu dishes. For  lunch there’s the Thai favourites such as Pad Thai and Khao Soy or a range of sandwiches made with freshly baked wholegrain bread.  And for dinner pick from numerous appetizers, western style salads and Thai main courses.  There’s something to keep even the fussiest of eaters happy.  In addition to all that, you can also ask to customise some of the dishes, switching out certain ingredients for  others you prefer.  So for example if chick peas or Tempe are your thing, just let the owner know and she’ll accommodate your tastes into a specific dish.

Tofu Kitchen is only a small place with a handful of tables, so expect it to be busy during High Season.  

Price: $ – $$


Naga Cafe

Naga is located on the inland side of the main road at the southern end of Klong Prao village.  A little oasis in a row of massage shops. Although it caters for omni’s it has a separate and extensive vegetarian and vegan menu as the Thai owner, Jan, is a vegetarian.   And since opening on 2017 it has attracted a loyal following.  

Whilst the menu isn’t as extensive as at Tofu Kitchen there is plenty of choice and with most dishes priced around the 100 Baht mark.  The spicy  salad with mushrooms should be on your list of ‘must try’ dishes.    The owner’s also have a good reputation for customer service and being a great source of information about the island. 

A good option for anyone staying in the vicinity of Klong Prao village. 

Price: $ – $$

Contact:  ( not updated recently)

Everflow vegetarian restaurant, Koh Chang


Another little place that will also appeal to non-vegetarians.  Simply because there’s a wide array of delicious dishes and drinks to choose from.  It’s a cozy glass walled eatery in an out of the way location, but the freshly prepared food is amazing.  The Thai owner is a vegetarian and can adapt any non vegan dishes on the menu to be fully vegan if required.  She also speaks excellent English so can discuss dietary requirements.

A highlight for many visitors is the range of veggie burgers. Mmmm . . . healthy junk food :-)  They also offer delights such as tempeh salad, avocado quinoa salad, oatmeal bowls, smoothie bowls, toast with different toppings, and vegan ice-cream.  Plus homemade yoghurt, kombucha, energy balls and homemade peanut butter and jams. 

Get there by taking the road leading towards the sea next to the Honda motorbike shop in Pearl beach.  Follow the road for 100 metres,it’s a small glass walled building on your left, next to the car wash. Note that seating is on floor cushions at low tables.

Price: $$ – $$$


Coco Mango 

This is a dairy free coffeeshop / cafe on White sand beach.  They offer a huge range of vegan items including a great selection of smoothie bowls, coffees made with soy or almond milk, cold pressed juices and a wide choice of vegan ice-cream and sorbets. 

They also have some more substantial food eg Japanese salads or mushroom tom yam.  Plus desserts such as vegan pancakes which are made without any eggs, oil, milk or butter.  It’s a nice spot to escape the heat and get away from the hustle and bustle of White Sands.  Located outside Keeree Ele Resort on the hill leading south out of White Sand beach. 

Price: $$ – $$$


Coco Mango, Koh Chang

Fig Cafe

There’s a full review here, as Fig Cafe is one of the best coffeeshops on the island – regardless of it’s vegetarian credentials. 

But in brief . . .you can enjoy some of the best coffee on the island.  I don’t think you’ll find anywhere else where the barista weighs the coffee first every time to ensure the amount used is exactly correct.  You’ll be able to enjoy well presented, freshly made food with quality ingredients.   Food so good you’ll gain Instagram followers when you post the pics.  Likewise the drinks, fresh pressed juices and smoothies are as good as you’ll find anywhere.  And the straws are biodegradable – so you don’t have to feel guilty about using one.

There’s also the great service and ambiance.  The owner ‘Mo’ and his staff go out of their way to ensure guests enjoy their meals.  You won’t find sulky staff hiding behind the counter playing on their phones. 

And, it’s also a little haven of tranquility, with the coffeeshop opening up onto a  small well tended garden area.  Ideal if you need a quiet spot to work, read or chill out for a while.

Price: $$ – $$$


Vegetarian restaurant map

This includes other restaurants which have a good selection of vegetarian dishes or can adapt dishes to suit vegetarian requirements.

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