Took Ka Ta Kai Moon, Kai Bae

kai moon kai bae


If you’ve visited Kai Bae before you may well remember this restaurant.  They recently moved from their old location 100 metres north to a much larger plot of land adjacent to the Tesco Express minimart.  The location may be new, but it still has it’s BBQ girl who works tirelessly day in, day out to ensure that your chickens are cooked to perfection.   You’ll see her in a photo below.

More of a roof on tall stilts than a restaurant, Took Ka Ta Kai Moon, is one of the largest roadside restaurants in Kai Bae.  It provides a no frills menu, consisting mainly of Thai dishes but also with some western food thrown in.  Whilst it was busy when I was there, the clientele were all tourists.  This isn’t a place where you’ll see many locals dining, but I think more because of the location than the actual food or prices.  The place lends itself to people looking for a cheap meal in bright , airy surroundings.

The prices were good, dishes with one plate dishes form 50 Baht and the food was more than adequate.  I tried a massaman curry and whilst it didn’t look that appealing, the taste was better than expected. Don’t expect any attention to detail or matching crockery & cutlery, it’s not that type of place.

So it won’t ‘Wow’ you with the food, service or decor  but is a good choice if you are in the area or passing through and in need of a feed.

Price: $ – $$$


Location:  Roadside in the centre of Kai Bae village, adjacent to the Tesco Express minimart.   Midway between the two 7-elevens.


These restaurant reviews are just my thoughts on a place at the time I visited.  I’ll mention if I know the owner well or get any freebies.  But for the most of the time I am happy to play tourist and don’t mention this site at all. Obviously it isn’t possible to sample every dish on the menu and the type of food you have for lunch will differ to evening.  In addition, owners and more importantly chefs, can change and your experience may differ from mine.  If it does, post a comment below.

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