Blues Blues Art Restaurant, Klong Son

Blues Blues Art Restaurant, Klong Son, Koh Chang

One for anyone finding themselves in Klong Son and looking for a place to eat which isn’t too ‘local’ this is the place for you.  There isn’t a big choice of places to eat in Klong Son village and Blues Blues is the one good value, funky little place that is popular with tourists, expats and Thais alike.   The main attraction, aside from the food, is the decor, all of which is produced by the owner.   It’s got a unique atmosphere unlike anywhere else on the island.  

All available walls are covered in paintings of all sizes and styles.  Some abstract, some scenes from daily life, some are caricatures of the people found on Koh Chang, some are famous figures.  All are interesting.  In addition the the paintings, the tropical garden is littered with statues and small pieces of ornate artwork.  Everything on display at Blue Blues is handmade and also for sale.

The food, a good selection of common Thai dishes, is sensibly priced and extremely tasty.  This isn’t place for unique or weird and wonderful Thai food. Or for stunning presentation.  It’s just the simple things done very well in lovely, arty surroundings. 

All in all a great family friendly spot for a meal if you happen to be staying in the area or passing by – i.e. heading to Baan Kwan Chang Elephant Camp or the nearby waterfall.

Price: $ – $$


Location:  Take the inland road adjacent to the 7-eleven in Klong Son village.  Follow this for about 10 minutes (800 metres), Blues Blues is on the right.


These restaurant reviews are just my thoughts on a place at the time I visited.  I’ll mention if I know the owner well or get any freebies.  But for the most of the time I am happy to play tourist and don’t mention this site at all. Obviously it isn’t possible to sample every dish on the menu and the type of food you have for lunch will differ to evening.  In addition, owners and more importantly chefs, can change and your experience may differ from mine.  If it does, post a comment below.  

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