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Aquarius Residences & Resort

At first glance a US$250 million condo, villa and resort development might seem just the type of thing to put Koh Chang on the luxury property map.  Let’s see if it is. I’ll update this page with the progress more...

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Elephant Camps

Elephant Camps and Elephant Trekking on Koh Chang Should you ride an elephant on holiday? That’s a decision only you can make.  I’ve been on three elephant treks, on Koh Chang and elsewhere in Thailand but more...

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Where Do Thai Travel Influencers Go on Koh Chang?

I thought you might like to see the types of places that are promoted to Thai visitors to Koh Chang. Influencer marketing is very big in Thailand and every few days I see new posts from pretty more...


Repairing Your Phone in Bangkok and Koh Chang

Tips For Getting Your Phone Fixed in Bangkok & Koh Chang Having phone, camera or computer problems whilst on vacation can really screw up your trip.  Nowadays, most people feel the need more...


Sailing and Yacht Charter on Koh Chang

Hiring a Catamaran or Yacht on Koh Chang Sailing around Koh Chang is increasingly popular.  Every year there’s a noticeable increase in the number of yachts visiting the island and I more...

Island Guide

Klong Kloi Beach & Hat Sai Noi

Popular with day trippers. Check out the ever growing, bohemian scene on Klong Kloi, the island's southernmost beach. And nearby Hat Sai Noi beach is an laid back hippie haven