‘Wan Lai’ Merit Making Ceremony on the Beach

Merit making on Koh Chang

The great and the good of Koh Chang, plus a few dodgy types who have managed to get themselves into positions of power on the island,  gathered this morning for a traditional ‘Wan lai’ ceremony on Klong Prao beach.   The ceremony marks the start of the ‘Songkran 2’ celebrations on Koh Chang which go on today & tomorrow.

Locals, representatives from hotels and businesses and the usual assortment of people who like to have their photo in the newspapers,  gathered on the beach to make offerings of food to 59 monks.   Loads of food was donated, too much for the monks to carry alone, so in the photos you will see people helping carry large bags of foodstuffs which were then emptied into large baskets for taking back to the temple.   The monks are going to be so sick of instant noodles.


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