The Delights of Chai Chet

Chai Chet.  Learn more about the few and varied charms of the Chai Chet roadside strip, just north of Klong Prao beach, Koh Chang and be thankful you aren’t staying there.


Enjoy a virtual stroll through the area known simply as ‘Chai Chet’.   In this tour we’ll head north, leaving the beachwear shops, supermarket, bank and other built to last structures behind and follow the main road north. Pausing   (very) briefly to admire such delights as the Indian restaurant, the builder’s merchant, beer bars, the place they park the minivans, a gasoline station, a 109 baht all you can eat buffet restaurant, more beer bars, the local recycling place, a couple of always quiet resorts, more beer bars, a shop selling rice, a shop selling cheap furniture and yet more (usually empty) beer bars and a car wash . . .   and more beer bars.

So, something for anyone who needs gasoline, a few bags of cement (or rice), a bite to eat and to meet the   Isaan   hooker of their dreams.   If you’re a balloon chaser, this area feel like heaven to you after dark.

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  • dolly–give me your phone # and I’ll call your missus and tell her it’s MY truck to get her off your back…

  • Life’s a bitch . . . and so is she by the sound of things. Buy her some more gold and she wont care if it’s your truck or not. Or ditch her and marry someone who isn’t just interested in your money and who trusts you. Simple.

    I should have been an Agony Aunt.

  • My(Thai)wife was looking at the photos and thinks she recognizes my pickup truck parked at the ****** beerbar (photo 16). I’m catching shear hell from her (I’m not allowed in those places unless she’s with me)and she’s taken the keys away so now I’m forced to walk (sucks) or use the baht buses (expensive). I’ve just bought her 5000 baht of gold trinkets and she’s still convinced that’s my truck.

    Will you please reply and explain to her it’s not my truck so my life will return to (sort of) normal? Thanks ever so much.


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