Where Do Thai Travel Influencers Go on Koh Chang?

thai travel influencers

I thought you might like to see the types of places that are promoted to Thai visitors to Koh Chang.

Influencer marketing is very big in Thailand and every few days I see new posts from pretty young things who get to visit the island, pose and enjoy some freebies from resorts.  All in return for posting some pics on their Facebook page.  

This is an example, taken from the ‘Repeat Travel‘ Facebook page.  They visited 18 places on, and near, Koh Chang over the course of what must have been a very busy 3 days in late September 2020.  

1. White Sand Beach view point. 

Located on the main road overlooking White Sand beach.  You’ll also want to take a photo here.

2. Afternoon Tea at VAYNA Boutique Resort, Klong Prao beach

I think the only people who ever eat afternoon tea at a beach resort are influencers and Grandparents suffering from heatstroke who just want to sit in the shade with some non-spicy comfort food.

3. Paddle boarding at SUP Station, Klong Prao

Paddle boarding on the river estuary in Klong Prao has become a very popular activity with Thai visitors. It’s fun; not dangerous, as the water is shallow and the river isn’t very wide; easy to learn to do; and can be done even in bad weather when the sea is too rough to swim in.   

4.  Koh Chang Seafood, Klong Prao 

This is a new seafood restaurant at the mouth of the estuary.  They are very active on social media and so are often packed at weekends.

5. Fig Cafe, Kai Bae

One of the nicest coffee shops on the island with a good selection of specialty coffees plus veggie and vegan food.  Well worth visiting.

6. The Red Bridge, Salakphet

The mangrove walkway in Salakphet has been there for a decade.  However, it’s only recently become popular with Thai instagrammers.  One of my favourite places on the island.  Definitely take a look if you are in the south-east of the island. There’s now also a small coffeeshop at the entrance. 

7. Salakphet Seafood & Resort, Salakphet

One of the oldest seafood restaurants on the island and a long time favourite of Thai visitors.  Great views across the bay.

8. Island Spirit Yacht Charter, Salakphet

I doubt the young ladies got any farther than posing on the boat.  But if you want to charter a yacht then there are numerous options based in Salakphet bay.  

9. Kaibae Meechai Elephant Camp, kai Bae

They only fed the elephants, didn’t ride them.  Which is good.  But if you want to visit an elephant camp on koh Chang, try Baan Kwan Chang in the the north of the island.  They’re also moving away from offering rides and trying to educate visitors more about the plight of wild elephants in Thailand.

10.  Resolution Resort, Bangbao

Great views across Bangbao bay from this small resort on the peninsula. 

11. Si Tor (Four pipes) Waterfall, Bangbao

This is where the locals go in the rainy season to swim in the river, eat somtam and BBQ chicken and drink beer.  During high season the river is dry.

12. Khao Nok Sunset Viewpoint

This is in the small bay on the west side on the peninsula at Nirvana Resort.  There’s a much better sunset view from the rocks at Cliff Cottage  – which is in the background of this photo. 

13. Bang Bao Fisherman Village

Great views from the end of the pier and the lighthouse.  Most snorkelling and scuba trips depart from here.

14.  Iyara Seafood, Klong Prao

Located next to the SUP Station.  Iyara is another long standing favourite of Thai tour groups.  Partly for the food and partly for the free firefly tour which diners can take after their meal.  There are fireflies in the mangroves upstream.  Sometimes a lot, sometimes not so many.  But either way it’s a pleasant boat trip in the darkness under the stars.

15. Koh Kham island

Located near Koh Mak.  So you’ll need to take a boat trip to get there. Some of the boat trips from Koh Chang make a stop there.  It’s famous for black volcanic rocks and the finest white sand in this part of Thailand. Also home to an unfinished 5 star resort.

16. Koh Wai island

Virtually all snorkelling tours stop at Koh Wai.  In addition to the lovely beaches there’s a coral reff just offshore.  So it’s easy to snorkel off the beach in relatively shallow water.  A good place to take young kids or novice snorkellers. 

17.  Indie beach, Hat Sai Noi

Very popular Bohemian, Scandinavian / Thai resort with a fusion restaurant specializing in healthy dishes. 

18. KC Grande Resort, White Sand beach

Probably the busiest resort on the island.  Not the best.  But it ticks all the boxes that people require when staying in a 4 star beach resort. 

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