Songkran Fair – with added Chinese Acrobats and Baby Bungee Jumping

Koh Chang temple fair

Another Thai holiday and another temple fair in Klong Prao.  These events,  with the usual mix of stalls selling all manner of food, pirate DVDs, rabbits and cast off clothing  aren’t as popular as they once were.  Temple fair burnout is beginning to set in.  Even the addition of a big screen showing an old Thai/Chinese movie from the 70’s wasn’t drawing in the crowds in the way it used to do in the good old days i.e. 3-4 years ago.  So it was left to Koh Chang’s resident troupe of ‘Chinese’ dragon dancers and acrobats to up the ante and come up with something to wow the crowds.

The highlight was the baby bungee jumping – where as you’ll see from the photos, a guy climbs up a tall bamboo pole, which itself is on a raised platform high above the crowd, ties the leg of a small child to his wrist and then lowers her down from a great height.  The cord wasn’t elastic, so he had to haul her up again.   One of those fun things that would get you into trouble if you tried it in your own country regardless of whether it was your own child or someone else’s.


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