Songkran 2010 Water Throwing

No need for you to get your expensive camera soaked in water.   Enjoy all the fun of throwing water over random strangers on a Thai island in this Songkran water chucking gallery.   Compared to many parts of Thailand the water throwing is pretty subdued here, with most people who want to hurl water congregating in a handful of areas on each of the main beaches.

Before lunchtime you are usually safe, after sunset you are safe but during the afternoon you will get soaked if you venture out at this time of year.

Unsurprisingly, given that people on motorbikes are having ice cold water thrown in their faces, there are fatalities – usually around 800 to 1,000   every year ( more than die in any war zone anywhere in the world in the same 1 week period ) – during this festive week in Thailand.

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  • These photos reminds me of my old days in Myanmar. We call Thingyan, and in some parts of Myanmar, it is pronounced Thongran. Pretty close. This year’s Thingyan was marred by explosions in Yangon, killing 8 people according to the official release. This was the first time we had a terrorist attack during the most joyous festival in Myanmar.

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