‘Songkran 2’ Koh Chang’s Late New Year Celebration

Aana Resort went for cute girls posing with a   large chicken, or possibly a giant cock wearing a pearl necklace, as the   innocent,   innuendo free theme for their float.

As most people know Thai New Year ‘ Songkran’ is celebrated by drunk people randomly throwing water, ideally ice cold water and ideally in the face of passing motorcyclists.   Every year a few hundred people die in the celebrations across Thailand, a real life example of Darwinism in action.

Here on Koh Chang there is a second celebration that allows all those involved in the tourist trade to go out and party too, but it is a bit more restrained and controlled. ‘ Songkran 2’ , this year 10 days after the official Thai New Year, culminates in a parade of floats down the west coast of the island which is where most of these photos were taken.   The water throwing isn’t quite as mindless and you see people of all ages joining in the fun.   Better to be here for Songkran 2 than for the real Songkran – you’ll enjoy it far more.

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