Salakkok and Salakphet Photos November 2019

Salakphet Bay, Koh Chang

Just some photos I took the other day when I was riding my scooter around Salakkok and Salakphet.  Change is very slow in this part of the island and the fishing villages haven’t changed too much in the 16 years I have lived here.  There are new buildings but many of the old, ramshackle houses are still the same as ever. 

This is a very green and verdant area, with the highlights being the mangrove forests in Salakkok and Salakphet.  Both of which have walkways which allow visitors to get some great views. 

It is now possible to go up the lighthouse on the pier in Salakphet Bay and get some great panoramic photos, inland towards the mountains and south to the islands.  Although they sky is quite hazy in my photos.

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