Rainy Season 2017

Photos of the weather on Koh Chang during rainy season 2017

Just a collection of photos from the green / rainy / low season 2017.  

Some of these have already been posted on Facebook, as it’s there that I’ll add pictures pretty much daily.  But, although, Facebook has it’s uses, it’s not so good for finding information that has been posted in the past.

So easier for me  – and anyone who’s interested – to post a page of photos on the website as well.

It’s not raining all the time here from June to October, but the weather is unpredictable.  Which is why you’ll often see the weather forecast is a mix of cloud / sunshine / thunderstorm every day.   If you have bad luck then you may well get a few grey and wet days.  But there’s an equal chance that you’ll get some clear blue skies and calm sea.

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