The Evening Food Market at White Sand Beach

Mmm BBQ stuff

If you’re looking for a guide on where to find the best street food, and the different types available.  It’s here: Koh Chang Streetfood Guide.

For the past couple of years a 100 metre long stretch of roadside in the centre of White Sand beach has been turned into a makeshift food market every evening.  Vendors line the beach side of the road selling all manner of BBQ meats and fruit and various other Thai delicacies.

I happened to be passing the other day so stopped to take some photos and buy some bits and pieces to sample.  The good news is that the food does look nice.  Not much choice – meat and fruit – with some grilled fish and a kebab stall but from appearances it looks good.  And the stalls were certainly very busy. 

Prices aren’t too bad.  You can grab a cob of corn, bag of sticky rice and some meats on sticks for under 100 Baht and that would fill you up.  A fruit shake to wash it down is 40 Baht and a plate of fruit to munch on is 30 Baht. Much cheaper than eating in a restaurant.  So far so good.

But, to be honest, the quality isn’t great.  I got various BBQ’d meat byproducts from three stalls and none made it onto my Top Ten streetfoods of the week list. That was my opinion.  Our dogs begged to differ – they loved it.  Something to bear in mid, the stalls have a small charcoal grill.  At first glance you think ” Oh, lots of delicious food cooked on a charcoal grill.  Mmm. I must try some.” But it’s worth thinking about how they managed to cook that amount of meat so quickly on one small grill.  They didn’t. In truth, most will have been cooked several hours earlier and on many, but not all, stalls the grill is just used to heat it up until it’s lukewarm & vaguely edible.

So take a look, but before you rush to buy your bodyweight in meats on sticks, buy one piece to try it first.  I’m sure they will be some good food there – but it’s not guaranteed – as it would be in a night market with more Thai shoppers.   ( This doesn’t apply to banana rotis, they’re always good. )

The stalls are set up in late afternoon in the centre of White Sands, between Kacha Resort and the new ‘Findig’ shoe & bag shopping emporium.



  • Bekomme ich irgendwo am klong Prao/white sand beach E-Zigaretten und liquid?

  • There are lots of small restaurants on Koh Chang. Just avoid ones which look touristy. You’ll find street food by the main road on White Sand beach every evening from about 17:00 onwards. Or the foodstalls at the north end of Klong Prao village. Small restaurants like J’Kloy in Chai Chet or Chumnan in Klong Prao are always busy with local people.

  • Something to bear in mid ?

    Hello, can you tell me where else I can eat street food at Kohchang ? Or the cheapest restaurant that you have found for standard Thai food ?


  • I will be heading to Koh Chang again in April. This will be my third time, having stayed for 7 days last April and 10 days last October. This time I am staying for 14 nights. I can’t wait. I simply love the place, as does my Thai wife. We are staying not far from the market, so we will definitely give it a go this time. The past two visits, I have simply over-spent at 15 Palms, but only because their dishes are exquisite.

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