Laem Sok and The Mainland

When I head over to the mainland and aren’t in a rush it’s always nice to head down some small roads to see where they lead.   I’d been down to Laem Sok before but never had a camera with me but this time I had a couple of hours to kill and also followed a few of the ‘Agro Tourism’ signs that lead you down narrow roads.   Most of these don’t appear to go anywhere interesting , unless you have never seen a fruit farm before but I also found a large mangrove forest with a bizarre viewing tower which I don’t think has ever been used.

Ther eare also   afew pics of the Laem Sok pier where some Koh Kood and Koh Mak bound speedboats depart, several resorts have their own private parking areas here for guests who are driving down.

Lunch was at Banpu Resort, the only above average resort in this area.   The restaurant is cheap and many locals seem to recommend it so I thought it was worth a try.   And it was very good. Prices were about 40% less than the equivalents cost in a   nice restaurant on Koh Chang.

Just before taking the ferry back to Koh Chang there was time for a quick stop in the Navy base nearby.   You can just drive in and hand over some form of ID to the guard on the gate.   Once inside there isn’t much to see but you do get some great views of Koh Chang and there is also a small restaurant for visitors.

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